{I heart Montreal and Quebec City}

Quebec is a foodie’s dreamland!

I’m pretty sure if I lived here I would be eating copious amounts of crisp, freshly baked croissants (especially pain au chocolat) and melty brie, apple and walnut baguette sandwiches 24/7.

Here are some pics from our trip:

Montreal jazz festival.

And YES. The montreal smoked meat sandwiches are DA BOMB!

Old Quebec city.

This is one of my most memorable meals in my life. I felt like I had a life changing experience after discovering rabbit pie at this lovely restaurant in Quebec city, Le Lapin Saute. Up until this day I STILL dream about the flavourful combination of root vegetables and tender morsels of rabbit surrounded by a flaky and delicate pastry, served with a side of plum salsa and greens. (Apparently the pie is made by one of the owners’ grandmother)

We had gone there for lunch and couldn’t get that pie off our mind (yes, it was THAT good), that we went back the same day for dinner for a platter called “Tout lapin tout Canard” (Rabbit and duck for two): A lovely spread of preserved rabbit leg, homemade rabbite rillettes, rabbit sausage, preserved duck leg, duck foie gras, smoked duck filet with a side of preserved carrots, onions, La Sauvagine cheese, artisan bread, mustard and pickles. I was in heaven..

A beautiful and romantic city indeed. Until next time..

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