{REVIEW: M for Macaron}

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Went to the Calgary Farmers Market on Sunday after reading about a new macaron place that had opened there.

Macarons have replaced cupcakes as the new trendy dessert of moment.

From the mformacaron website:

What is a French Macaron? Unlike it’s American cousin, which is spelled with 2 o’s and made with coconut, the French Macaron is made with almonds.  It consists of 2 delicate pillow like almond meringue wafers which sandwich a luscious flavourful filling.  The French Macaron is characterized by its slight crunch which melts into a soft mouthful of exquisite flavour.

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I have to say I’m a macaron snob. After having them in Paris, I’ve been in the search for the perfect macaron here in Calgary.

Upon visual inspection, they looked authentic, and how a macaron should be.

I decided to try 6 of the flavours (which change weekly):

  • passionfruit
  • lavender
  • rose water cream
  • winter strawberry
  • apple pie
  • green tea

They come at $2 a macaron ( I ordered 5, but got one free, end of day special, yes!)

They did not disappoint, had all the aspects of a perfect macaron. My favorites were the apple pie (buttery apple filling and cinnamon), passionfruit (fruity, exotic, lovely pairing with chocolate ganache) and the lavender (floral and aromatic – don’t get it if you don’t like lavender).

So how does it compare to others I’ve tried:

Nectar Desserts – Favorite for flavours, unique and interesting taste combinations (black sesame + salted caramel is awesome, as is the rose + pistachio).

Yann Haute Patisserie – Beautiful vibrant colors and wooden gift boxes for presentation, unfortunately, they did not live up to its good looks, tasted stale and dry. BUT the Viennoiserie, in particular the apricot almond pastry there was unbelievable!

L’Epicurie – The largest of all the macarons, great texture, only criticism is there are usually only one or two flavours available at a time, but still my favorite!

L’Epicurie wins in my books.

M for Macaron

4 Responses to “{REVIEW: M for Macaron}”
  1. An update to my macaron post, the macarons now at L’Epicurie are mini version and $1 a pop. But still just as delicious, usually are available in raspberry flavour or chocolate.

  2. kanysh says:

    If you are ever in Toronto you should check out Nadege, the macarons there are amazing!

  3. A_Boleyn says:

    Wonderful pictures. Makes me want some right now. 🙂

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