{A foodie’s reading collection}

My go to place for culinary inspiration..

Always close at hand on the kitchen counter.

Some of my favorites right now..

  • The Coup Cookbook
  • The Food Your Crave
  • Super Natural Cooking

I could spend hours at Chapters browsing in the cookbook section.

Other books I love:

Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential – an amazing food writer and host of my favourite show on TV, “No Reservations” on Discovery Channel. Note to self: don’t watch that show hungry, that show is like food porn.

Humble Pie by Gordon Ramsay, his autobiography definately gives you a different side of Ramsay you don’t see on TV. A look back at his humble beginnings and how he became the multi Michelin star chef he is today.

French Women for All Seasons – Mireille’s perspective on food is genius. Enjoy everything you love, in moderation. For those who are passionate about food, so different from other “diet” books that tell you food is the enemy. As well, how could you not like someone who has a chocolate brioche breakfast recipe in their book?

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