{Dine out: CHARCUT part II}

Went out last night again to CHARCUT, we had already decided beforehand what we wanted to have based on some reviews I had read on food blogs and newspapers. Here were some of the eats:

Paper thin shavings of pig’s head mortadella studded with pistachios and black truffles – my favorite dish of the night (besides dessert of course), flavourful, served with some local Brassica mustard, look how CUTE that mini cast iron skillet is!

Duck fat poutine w/ cheese curds and truffle gravy – tasted as decadent and good as it sounds, I thought it could have been made better with shredded duck confit in it, to really bring out more duck flavour

Bone marrow au gratin served with little serving spoons and garlic brioche toasts + parsley caper salad – buttery texture, my date loved it, i thought it was a tad TOO rich for my taste.

For our main, we had fire grilled lamb leg served atop a bed of shelling beans + stinging nettle – very good, lamb cooked to pink perfection, bean mixture earthy and a nice match to the lamb

To finish it off, their housemade cheesecake w/ saskatoon berries preserves – served in a cute little mason jar, layers of creamy goodness with graham crumbs, preferred the cherry preserves last time, we found the berries a bit dry, but still cleaned the jar.

Verdict: Love the whole premise of house cured meats, food from local growers and farms and making their own preserves. Great for sharing, nice decor, unique dishes you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t come here if you’re looking for salad, or if you’re a vegetarian, you will be very disappointed.

CHARCUT Roast House on Urbanspoon

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