{Places to shop: Cookbook Cooks – foodie central}

If you’re a foodie in Calgary and you haven’t been to Cookbook Cooks, GO NOW!

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For all your gourmet needs, I visit this little shop at least once a week. They stock everything from cooking utensils/pots to cookbooks to various dry foods and spices. They have a lot of the hard to find items that you can’t get at your regular grocery store like pails of duck fat for cooking in their fridge section and rose petal scone mix. When you walk in, the smell of fresh baked cookies and breads fill the air as you walk by the entrance of the neighbouring Brulee Bakery. Up a couple steps and you’re surrounded by packed shelves of spices, chocolates, crisps. Foodie Heaven!

To top it off, they have cooking classes all year round, some featuring celebrity chefs like Anna Olsen and Michael Smith.

Here are a few of my favorite items from this store that I always stock my kitchen:

Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Garlic Shallot Jam – versatile compote, great on pork, on toasts with a slice of brie, added to sauces, dressings, marinades

Dried Lavender – made especially for culinary use, great to add that extra something to cookies, lavender walnut blondie bars, lavender hot chocolate or with lemon zest on fish cooked in parchment

Ginger People Stem Ginger in Syrup – great dropped into hot water for a tea with lemon, cut up and put into cookies, diced and added to crumbles or even on an apple cinnamon oatmeal

Crema de Balsamico – a syrupy reduction of  balsamic vinegar that is both sweet and sour, great for drizzling on salads or on plates in a zigzag for steaks, try it on strawberries too with vanilla bean ice cream

B.R. Cohn Vinegars – These are international award-winning vinegars. Made in small batches in oak barrels, the flavours are inspired by wines they produce at their California vineyards. My favourites are the pear chardonnay and the champagne vinegar. They also make fantastic olive oils and mustards

Valrhona Chocolate Discs – One of my favorite chocolates, I actually eat these as an after dinner treat, the perfect size for those chocolate cravings at night

You can find Cookbook Cooks right next to Newbury Spa at 722 11th ave SW (kiddie corner from Heavens gym)

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