{Places to eat: Giuseppe’s Italian Market – best thin crust in Calgary}

I’ve been craving pizza lately. I’ve never really been a pizza person, but ever since my trip to New York, I’ve been hooked. I’ve been in search of the perfect thin crust pizza. Well I think I found one in Calgary that came pretty darn close.

One of the benefits of working in downtown is the close proximity to many great lunch spots. (Good for my belly, bad for my wallet).

Today me and the boy went to Giuseppe’s Italian Market on 1st street SW. Both a market and cafe, half of the space is devoted to various Italian delights: a deli with meats, cheeses and olives. The other half has various counters that serve everything from hot pressed paninis to wood fire oven pizzas to housemade desserts (the cannolis were DELICIOUS) as well as some seating and tables.

I was intrigued by the wood fire oven, so we ordered two of their made to order pizzas:

  • The Grec: Bell peppers, spinach, black olives, red onion. feta
  • The Funghi: Garlic and oregano, mushrooms, chevre, mozzarella

Image Source

The pizza was about the size of a dinner plate, the perfect lunch size. Perfectly crisp thin crust, these pizzas were FANTASTIC. Probably the closest I’ve gotten to the pizza I had in New York. The mushrooms were sauteed before hand and were very flavourful. Sometimes the best pizzas are the ones that are the most simple.

I also bought a sweet treat to take home from their market, I had seen these in the blog world before and I had to get one when I saw it. These are made by the Chocolate Company in the Netherlands (I know.. not Italian), nevertheless, I got one of their “hot chocolate on a stick”.

From their website:

A unique paint tin with chocolate which can be melted in a bain-marie or outside in the summer sun. Have it with biscuits and muffins on a dark Sunday afternoon in the cold winter months, or enjoy it with heaps of fresh fruit as a delectable dessert after a summer barbecue… May the dipping commence! And should there be any left over, simply put the lid on and save it for next time. Oh, and before we forget: the Hotchocdip is available in 23 flavours.

I got the honey lemon flavour, an alternative to hot cocoa powder, you heat up some milk and stir in the chocolate till its melted. Mmmm.. Divine…

Overall, good food, the only negative thing I have to say is the service was slow and unorganized and the pizza chef had a bit of an attitude. He was giving the guy in front of me heck for not pronouncing “Giuseppe’s” properly.

BTW, if you plan on going there for lunch on a weekday, get there early if you don’t want to wait in long lines. It’s a popular lunch spot.

Giuseppe's Italian Deli and Market on Urbanspoon

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