{Places to eat: FARM – three cheers for local food}

This is my third time here, FARM, owned and connected to Janice Beaton Cheese shop on 17th Ave. It’s a quaint little space with their feature items written on chalkboards around the space. The restaurant is a casual setting with emphasis on a small plate menu that are meant to be shared.

They have a constantly changing assortment of cheeses and charcuterie items (rillettes, pates, cured meats, etc) served on wooden boards with house made condiments. Their drink menu includes a variety of beers and wines available in three sizes: tasting, glass and bottle. Overall the focus is on simple and flavourful dishes created with ingredients from local suppliers.

We ended up seated at the large harvest table with 3 other random couples, which is great as long as you’re not talking about anything too personal that you would rather remain between you and  your date. Tonight me and the boy came for an early dinner. I ordered a glass of Malbec and the boy had his usual Big Rock Traditional beer.

We started off with 3 selections of cheeses.

Starting from the top left corner:

The most pungent blue on the menu (as requested by the boy): St. Agur from central France made from cow’s milk. A moist, rich cheese that is both tangy and creamy. It was served with Chinook honey

Next was a Manchego from Spain, a firm sheep’s milk cheese with a buttery texture, served with caramelized shallots

Third was my FAVOURITE, the Dauphin, a soft cow’s milk cheese from France. Oozy in texture, it spread beautifully on our toasts. Served with a side of cherry compote. I remember trying this cheese at the Anthony Bourdain talk at the Jack Singer earlier this year. Divine..

OH yes…..

Next up, our entrees, I ordered on the night’s special features: A venison cooked rare served on a bed of morel wheatberry salad and asparagus. The meat was so tender, cooked to perfection. The wheatberry salad was fantastic as well, I love the texture, kind of like barley with a crunchier texture and chew.

The boy ordered the Alberta Bison striploin, served with a saskatoon berry demi-glace, caramelized root vegetables & swiss chard.

I had a couple bites, melt in your mouth texture. Look how perfectly it’s cooked!

We ended our meal with one of the feature desserts, a cherry clafoutis – a french pancake-like dessert that has a texture between a firm custard and a flan.

I have to say, I’ve been here 3 times and this was the ONLY disappointing thing I’ve eaten here. The dessert was served with a side of whipped cream and creme anglaise, which unfortunately  was probably the best part of the whole dessert. The clafoutis was served cold, and we could barely get our spoons through the thick doughy dessert. It tasted as if it was overcooked and a bit on the bland side. Nevertheless, for 8 bucks, we picked at the little jar, but were not too impressed. Next time we’ll get the cookies or the warm apple cake..

Overall, another great meal (besides the dessert). Will definately be here again. Any excuse to have that Dauphin cheese again…

Other note worthy dishes I’ve tried that are a must-have:

Janice Beaton mac and cheese – deliciously rich and with a nice mustard kick baked in the oven to order with a crispy breadcrumb crust. Served with a side of FARM pickles.

Duck salad – arugula and artisan greens mixed with shredded Noble Farms duck breast, toasted hazelnuts, dried bc apple slices dressed with a sherry vinaigrette.

Just as a note, they don’t take resos for parties under six, and weekends can get pretty busy.

FARM: 1006 – 17 Avenue SW

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2 Responses to “{Places to eat: FARM – three cheers for local food}”
  1. Mallory says:

    I am trying Farm tonight and I can’t wait! I have heard great things about the mac n’ cheese.

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