{Places to go: Ha Ling Peak + Beaver Tail Raspberry Ale}

Ah, what better way to celebrate the end of the long weekend than a hike in Canmore. Definately one of the advantages of living in Calgary, being so conveniently close to the mountains. Went up Ha Ling Peak, a pretty steep hike, but no scrambles and there is a trail the whole way.

On our way down, I had a craving for a beer so we headed over the local drinking pub, the Grizzly Paw Brewery. I had one of their locally brewed beers off the tap, the Beaver Tail raspberry ale, a light wheat ale, with a nice balance of tartness and sweetness from the berries. They boy ordered up the Rutting Elk Red, a scottish style amber ale with slight caramel and roast flavours.

We were both hungry after our hike, I ordered up the veggie delight. The description said:

Grizzly Paw in-house pizza sauce topped with artichoke hearts, red onion, broccoli, feta and mixed shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Finished with balsamic reduction drizzle.

What I got was this:

Thats right. Some flecks of cheese, wilted arugula and like 10 small pieces of mushrooms. LAME and clearly not what I ordered.

The boy’s meal turned out better, he had the Southwestern chicken wrap with a side salad.

All in all, beers were great, meal would have been better if I got what I ordered..

2 Responses to “{Places to go: Ha Ling Peak + Beaver Tail Raspberry Ale}”
  1. If you enjoyed Ha Ling, you should also try Lady MacDonald, on the other side of the highway by the Iron Goat Restaurant. It is a little bit longer but it’s neat to get the view in the opposite direction.

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