{The big run tomorrow…}

Although my blog covers all the delicious things I eat and cook at home, I do have another passion, running.

Over the past 2 years, I’ve taken up an interest in running and realized.. hey, i’m pretty good at it. I’ve landed in the top 5-15% in my age and gender group consistently in all my races:  3- 1okm races and 3 half marathons. Now I’m about to embark on the race I’ve been wanting to do since I started running.. the MARATHON. I signed up for the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon after my last 22km race in september and tomorrow is the BIG day!

Unfortunately I looked at the ol’ weather network this morning and noticed this:

Thats right, snow AND rain..and a chilly 3 degrees celsius. Cause running for four hours was just not enough of a challenge. Sigh…the fact that 9,000 other people will be braving the weather with me makes me feel a bit better. Bring it on!

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