{Places to go: Oolong Tea House}

I LOVE tea. I always start every morning with a nice cup of jasmine green tea or a genmaicha tea (green tea you usually get in japanese restaurants with the rice and popcorn).

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I have a cupboard devoted to just tea. I have rows of stacked tins and random sachets filling an entire cupboard shelf.

One of my favourite spots in town is the Oolong Tea House (in Kensington). This place used to be my daily stop to do homework back in my art school days. A nice bright space with a lovely organized wall of teas, shelves with varieties of tea wares and a cafe area.

They serve tea in-house in individual tea presses or in a pot to share with your company (they also can be served iced). You can also purchase a variety of sized tins of their loose leaf teas to take home and enjoy.

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Suggestions on what to order? When its warm out I love their matcha soy smoothie (a great natural pick me up without the jitters you can get from coffee). Matcha is known for its high antioxidant level and catechins (cancer fighting chemical only found in green teas).

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They also have a nice selection of baked goodies including cookies, variety of cake squares, matcha cupcakes and their infamous baileys cheesecake. My personal favourite is their signature cookie, the oolong almost biscotti – a not-too-sweet mix between a cookie and a biscotti with chunks of chocolate and almond.

For those after dinner visits, the hazelnut chocolate rooibos is lovely. The tea is mixed with small pieces of chocolate blended with roasted hazelnut. Rooibos tea is known for its high concentration of antioxidants, it helps aid with digestion, relieve headaches, alleviate disturbed sleep patterns and its caffeine free 🙂 A great way to satisfy your sweet tooth when you’re too full for dessert.

In the winter time I love the market spice tea is great if you love chai. A nice strong black tea with intense orange, cinnamon and spice flavours. Great steeped with warm milk of your choice, a splash of vanilla and a swirl of honey.

If you like green tea, the jasmine dragon tears is a great one to try. This premium green tea is made from the top two leaves and the bud of new season growth. These delicate leaves are then hand rolled into the small pearls. Known to tea aficionados as some of the finest green tea produced. The aroma is sweet and floral and they “bloom” when you submerge them into hot water. Great as a gift!

Next time you’re in the mood for tea, be sure to check out this gem in Kensington. Note this place is small and can get pretty packed sometimes. But all their drinks are available to go and they’re open late daily.

Oolong Tea House – 110 10 Street Northwest, Calgary

Oolong Tea House on Urbanspoon

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