{Calgary Food Blogger Bake Sale Preview}

It’s almost here, the Calgary Food Blogger Bake Sale is this weekend and I’m SOoO excited. The event is being organized by Vincci at Ceci n’est pas un food blog. There’s gonna be lots of awesome goodies including: flower pot brownies, chai spiced granola, bleeding heart tarts, garden patch muffins & much more. It also happens to fall on the Father’s Day weekend.. what better way to show dad you care than a gift of bacon chocolate cookies…

Here are the items I’ll be bringing to the bake sale..

The toasted coconut cookies will have ginger, cardamom and ground pink peppercorns and made into sandwich cookies with the ganache center.. Mm.. can’t wait to make those..

I bought some of the ingredients today…I did a small test batch of the bacon cookies tonight for my coworkers tomorrow with my key ingredient…

All chopped up and added to the cookie batter…

Onto the cookie sheet to bake for about 10-15 min.

Mmm.. cookies..

The Market Collective is on Sat from 10-6pm and Sun from 11-5pm at the old Ant Hill Fabrics building in Kensington. (148 – 10St NW). Admission is $2 or a food bank donation.

* For a printable copy of my bacon cookie recipe click the link below (pdf) *

bacon cookie recipe

9 Responses to “{Calgary Food Blogger Bake Sale Preview}”
  1. leah s says:

    Your coworkers enjoyed them. Thank you 🙂

  2. Your bacon cc cookie is delightful, as are your other contributions to the bake sale! I was surprised that I liked the applewood bacon cookie, but you don’t really taste the bacon per-se. There’s just this hard to pin down hint of saltiness to enhance the flavour.

  3. I’m glad you like them Vladimir 🙂 Yes, the bacon flavour is subtle and I did add a sprinkling of the alderwood smoked sea salt at the end which gives that nice salty BBQ flavour at the end.

  4. Congrats! You won my Gold Medal! 🙂 You get a free Applewood Bacon Bar thingie if you wish to claim your prize! If you can tell me where to get them that is. Also the salt. I put up links to what I could find online, but it wasn’t local stores here in Calgary.


  5. Vlad I am so flattered!! You can find the Mo’s applewood smoked bacon bar “thingies” at Savour Fine Foods in Inglewood. Last I checked on Friday afternoon there were about 20 bars left. I had initially checked Cookbook Cooks on 11th Ave and they were all sold out. The alderwood smoked salt is found in the chocolate bars, but I also added a sprinkling to each cookie mound before it went into the oven. I got mine at Co-op on 11th ave 🙂

  6. Thanks Jen! I’ve updated my blog with the info for people who might want to make the recipe themselves. The bars are ridiculously expensive, not something I’d normally go for, but I intend to buy two this week as little luxuries. One I intend to use to make your recipe some time in the next little while and another one you may claim if you so desire as a prize! Thanks again for all your hard work! I can’t believe you actually went back and made a second batch for Sunday!

  7. I used up about 2 1/2 bars for the 3 batches, so I still have half a bar left for my own enjoyment. And YES, they are expensive! But I thought I’d share the luxury with everyone and for a great cause. I consider your “gold medal award” as my prize 🙂 so please enjoy the two bars, they are lovely enjoyed themselves too.

  8. I *myum* *omph* insis *chomp* ohhhh….

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