{The bacon obsession continues + bake sale review}

There once was a guy named Mo… He first came into my life in the form of a chocolate bar. He’s back again.. this time in the form of pancakes…

image source

I saw this on the shelf and thought to myself.. I NEED this. A buttermilk pancake mix dotted with chunks of their famous applewood smoked bacon + alderwood smoked salt chocolate bar.

I’ll be makin these babies later on this week. Stay tuned for my review..

In other news, the bake sale was a great success! Calgary bloggers are a talented bunch! It was so hard to pick which ones to buy because they all looked SOO tasty!

I first dug into Julie’s whole wheat sticky pull-apart buns. Holy yum, The whole wheat flour really adds a nice texture and each one was coated in a perfect amount of icing sugar and caramel..bitefuls of delicious-ness.

Next I tried Vincci’s garden patch muffin.

A lovely moist muffin dotted with tendrils of carrot and zucchini and plump raisins. Tasted lovely with my cup of cinnamon rooibos I bought the market made by Verde teas. The spicy cinnamon and aromatic orange zest of the tea was a nice match to the flavours of the muffin.

One item that I tried that was not included in the Food Blogger bake sale were these chai oatmeal cookies. I regret to say I did not catch her name, but her cookies were amazing. I’m a HUGE chai fan and you could really taste the chai flavour. Cookie had a nice delicate crumb and the oats adds a nice chew. If anyone knows who made these, please leave a comment, I’d love to thank her.

Next was Chelsey’s beautiful bleeding heart tarts. I’d like to mention at this point, I’ve been eating all these goodies one after another and I’m not a “one bite and move to the next girl”. I ate every item in its entirety.

By now I’m getting quite full, so I thought I’d take a bite of this and save the rest  for later. Well..one bite and I couldn’t stop! A crust is nutty, chocolately and dense, a nice contrast to the thick, smooth and tart raspberry filling topped with a layer of creamy pannacotta. I’ll definately be making these in the future. It was SOO good, by the time I remembered to take a picture, I had already eaten it all..oops. You can check our her blog to see what it looks like and find the recipe here.

Gahh…I’m officially in a sugar coma now 🙂

BTW, thanks to Vlad for awarding me his gold medal for my cookies!

5 Responses to “{The bacon obsession continues + bake sale review}”
  1. Sash says:

    Where did you find the mix for pancakes with bacon?!

  2. I got it at the same place I got my chocolate, at Savour Fine Foods in Inglewood. You can also get it online at the Vosges website.

  3. Sash says:

    Thanks!! I will be sure to stop by 🙂

  4. Vincci says:

    Glad you liked the muffin! And another Mo’s bacon mix! You’re obsessed, girl!

    And those cookies sound yummy – did you get them from Jenn? http://www.jennchiccooks.com

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