{Places to eat: Tang Dynasty Restaurant – Fresh King Crab}

Went to Tang Dynasty restaurant with the fam to celebrate a belated Father’s Day.

Seems like everytime I go out for chinese food, it ends up being a 15 course dinner. But knowing this, I made sure I came good and hungry.

The restaurant is located in the lower level of the Chinese Cultural centre in Chinatown. Apparently they are known for their fresh Alaskan king crab served 3 ways. I’ve never had fresh king crab before, only frozen, so I was quite excited.

They bring one over to your table fresh from the tank so you can approve/dissaprove. His legs spread across the WHOLE lazy susan in the centre! *snap snap* (pics taken with camera phone)

Into the kitchen he went, and out came this! Steamed crab legs with garlic and scallions. These were AMAZING, the meat is tender, moist and succulent with a hint of sweetness. I can say this was the best crab I’ve had, what a difference from the frozen stuff. There was this plate x 2.

Next was the crab shell stuffed rice, crab organs, onions and a curry sauce. I know it sounds gross but it so good! Creamy sauce and flakes of crab meat intermingled with light fluffy white rice.

The third crab dish which you can kind of see in the bottom right corner of the picture below were fried crab claws in a spicy “XO” sauce and chili peppers, with diced onion and peppers.

Here’s the whole spread. The waiter kept coming out with more and more dishes, I was wondering when he was gonna stop cause the table was overflowing!! Some of the other goodies pictured:

  • Peking duck wraps carved tableside into thin slices with the perfect ratio of crispy duck skin and moist duck meat – which we wrapped in paper thin wraps w/ cucumber, hoisin sauce and scallion
  • Szechuan green beans – wok fried with the perfect amount of spice – crunchy and tasty
  • Pork & veg lettuce wraps w/ water chesnut, celery, carrots and onions
  • Delicate white fish stirfried witthinly sliced carrots and celery
  • Honey garlic spare ribs – perfectly crisps and nice balance of sweet and savoury
  • Wok fried bok choy

and many more I cannot remember.. I was in a food coma by the end.

At the end we each had a bowl of sweet soup with papaya and snow ear white fungus. Nice light way to end the meal. Needless to say I left full and satisfied 🙂

Note: In case you’re wondering the cost, the crab is charged according to weight, it was about $21/pound – the crab was about 8 lbs and served about 8 of us. It’s a pricey dinner, but I definately recommend you try it once in your life 🙂

Tang Dynasty on Urbanspoon

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