{Places to go: Summer stroll and sweets}

I decided to take a stroll in Inglewood today to enjoy the nice sunny weather and satisfy my sweet tooth. My standby place for dessert is definately Nectar Desserts, but I decided to broaden my horizons and try out some of the other places in the neighbourhood.

First stop, Choklat.

There are only two chocolatiers in Canada that make their own chocolate . Popular brands like Bernard Callebaut, Purdy’s, Rogers and Laura Secord apparently buy their chocolate bulk to make their confections. Why make their own? They claim they have more control over many important factors that will affect the flavour and texture of the chocolate. I was intrigued..

They produce small batches and specialize in producing made-to-order truffles. How does it work? You can order online or in person (takes about 10-15 minutes to complete your order in person). You pick a truffle filling (flavours: peanut butter, raspberry, espresso buttercreams), then pick what it’s dipped in (milk or dark), then what it’s rolled in (toasted coconut, cinnamon + nutmeg, nuts, etc..). Choose your quantity and enjoy your freshly made custom chocolates.

They also have a variety of baked goods and beverages. Brownies (Rich, moist, dense and decadant), Choklat cupcakes with a generous cloud of fluffy chocolate frosting, cookies and even inventive flavoured hot drinking chocolate (spicy hot chocolate w/ chili pepper). Today I tried their caramel chocolate shortbread.

Kinda of like their a Twix bar but much better 🙂 Melt in your mouth buttery shortbread cookie, thick gooey caramel enrobed in a milk chocolate coating. Yumm..

Choklat: 1327A 9th Avenue SE

Next up, Cookie Mama.

Their cookies are made without preservatives or additives and they try to use natural ingredients as much as possible. They also have gluten-free and dairy-free goodies too.

I admired their cupcakes, their mocha cupcake with kahlua frosting looked dee-lish. After much contemplation, I decided to go with two gluten-free goodies – their Cocomo cookie – a coconut macaroon with a hint of orange zest and chocolate drizzle and their Chunkytown cookie – peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie.

Verdict: I have to say I’ve tried a variety of gluten-free baked goods and I never seem to like them as much as the regular versions. The texture always seems a bit “off” and unusual to me.

The coconut macaroon was good, but fell apart really easily and I couldn’t really taste the orange zest, I think it could have used a bit more chocolate drizzle too.

The peanut butter cookie definately was better, heavily studded with chocolate chunks and a strong peanut butter flavour. The texture was definately different from a usual cookie, not crisp on the outside, more overall chewy. But the flavour was good.

Cookie Mama: 1420 9th Avenue SE

On another note, heres a cool installation I saw in one of the galleries during my stroll. It’s made of designer Evian bottles cascading from the ceiling from threads of clear fishing line. Cool.

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