{Happy Canada Day: Lazy Loaf & Kettle + Tubby Dog + Kananaskis}

To celebrate our day off and Canada Day, we decided to go on a hike in Kananaskis. I did a cardio class at the gym before and we headed over to one of our favourite “sandwich/soup” places in town, the Lazy Loaf and Kettle in Parkdale. It’s a cute little cafe just off of Memorial Dr, a popular spot for runners, as it’s right by Edworthy Park’s bike/running path. It seems busy EVERYTIME I’m here. But once you try their food, you’ll know why.

Some of their popular items include:

Made-to-order sandwiches and Soup of the day – you check off your fillings for your sandwich on a checklist  – perfect fresh custom sandwich the way you want it. Their soups are AMAZING, love their potato cheddar bacon and their Mulligatawny is the best I’ve ever had.

Cinnamon Buns – I’ve never had a chance to try one cause they’re ALWAYS sold out the minute they’re put out.

Dessert Case – They’re like regular desserts on steroids. I love their carrot bread – lovely moist spiced bread flecked with thickly shredded carrot topped with cream cheese frosting…. oh my..

My go-to post run breakfast: Cinnamon raisin french toast (I usually order a half order, cause it’s that huge) – they’re sliced up texas toast style and sprinkled lightly with icing sugar with a side order of fruit. Or their omelettes, customized with toppings to your taste.

I ordered up the usual: a half sandwich on kettle bread (their signature house made bread dotted with shredded carrot and seeds) w/ dijon, horseradish, cranberry sauce, slices of turkey, swiss and ALL the veggies they could pack in) with a side of their spicy vegetable split pea soup. The sandwich tasted as good as it looks and was so big you have to squish it to get a bite in. The soup was incredibly flavourful and had a bit of kick from some jalapeno peppers, the peas added a nice chewy texture to contrast the tender chopped veggies.

The boy ordered the black forest ham with dijon, swiss and heaps of veg. He was so hungry, he already took a few bites before I got the picture. He ordered a side of their broccoli, cheddar and bacon soup. I had a taste of the soup, creamy, not to0 thick, which I loved, and the pieces of bacon were a little pieces of heaven.. Mmm..

After our lunch we were off to Kananaskis to Troll Falls, about a 45 min drive, right by the Nakiska ski hill. Here are some pics…

A beautiful hike 🙂

After our hike, we headed back into town. The boy had a craving for a hot dog that needed to be fulfilled, so off we went to our first stop: Chien Chaud in Mission. Unfortunately it was closed today since it was a holiday. So where else does one go to satisfy their hot dog craving.. why Tubby Dog on 17th of course.

We’ve passed the place before, but have never actually eaten here. The place was PACKED when we got their since it’s one of the venues for the Sled Island Festival (an annual multi-venue music and arts festival). We shimmied our way in and checked out the menu. They had some pretty interesting combos: The PBJ – peanut butter, jelly and crushed Capn Crunch?! Craziness. While we were waiting we saw one that was piled like 4 inches above the dog. It was called the A-Bomba dog topped GENEROUSLY with bacon bits, heavy squirts of mayo, ketchup, a handful of crushed potato chips which is then covered in a heavy layer of melty orange cheese. Whoa… we were intrigued to see who would be eating this monstrosity and to our surprise it was a girl who looked like a size zero! Impressive.

Next up, our order…

We ordered up the Cheetah the classic (no pork) dog w/ mustard, relish, sauerkraut and cheese. We asked for it to be split as we both were not hungry enough to finish a whole one. I have to tell you, this is one of the messiest things I’ve ever eaten. It was piled so high with sauerkraut, it took me about 3 big bites before I got a bite of the hot dog itself. Overall.. I think the toppings really overwhelm the hot dog itself. The dog was juicy, nothing unique, it’s no Costco hotdog (anyone who’s had one there knows what I mean). Will I come back? Probably not for the hot dog, but definately to play one of their awesome retro video game machines (they have arcade sized Pacman AND Rampage.. YES..)

Lazy Loaf and Kettle – 8 Parkdale Crescent NW

Lazy Loaf & Kettle

Tubby Dog – 1022 17 Avenue SW

Tubby Dog on Urbanspoon

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