{Brunch Ritual: Go Germany!}

After Germany’s big win on Saturday against Argentina, we had our celebratory breakfast at our place, Red’s. We deviated from our usual orders today. The boy ordered the Breakfast Sandwich good ol’ Canadian bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and oozy over easy eggs on multi-grain toast. All your breakfast favourites packed between slices of bread.. he thoroughly enjoyed it. Served along side a mound of crispy Red’s potatoes and of course we each HAD to have a side order of a single buttermilk buckwheat pancake. (They should call them “crack pancakes” because we are both OFFICIALLY addicted to these fluffy and crisp rounds of goodness). I didn’t bother with a picture since I’ve shown them before on the blog.

After a good 2 hour cardio workout at the gym, I was ravenous and went with the fluffy vegetarian 3 egg omelette – with spinich, diced red peppers, pockets of melty cheddar cheese and a side of guacamole and a side of sourdough cheddar toast. Oh boy, this was a filling breakie, but I finished this along with my pancake like a champ 🙂 The sourdough cheddar bread is definitely my favourite toast here: chewy, crisp with ripples of cheddar spread throughout.

The World Cup semi-finals against Spain is tomorrow. Go Deutschland!!

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