{Dining out: Bellinis and salad at Milestones’s on Stephen Ave}

I was all packed and ready to go to my usual cardio class, on my way out, two of the girls at my work mentioned they were going for drinks on a patio. The sun was shining..I couldn’t resist.

We ordered a round of bellinis, a refreshing mix of peach slush with appleton rum and this lovely salad that was surprisingly good.

I ordered the Grilled Seafood Saladwith cajun spiced filets of wild west coast salmon, marinated shrimp, grilled tiger shrimp, avocado, tomatoes, crispy asian noodles, papaya and a lemon chardonnay vinaigrette. Normally I’m not too impressed with salads at chain restaurants, but this was a HUGE salad. They were quite generous with their seafood and the flavours were fresh and the creaminess of the avocado, paired with the succelent seafood and citrus dressing was in perfect balance. My only criticisim is that I could have done without the crispy noodle bits and the papaya was definately frozen or out of a can. But otherwise, a filling and perfect summer dinner.

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