(Sex, Chocolate and Sharp Knives..}

The three things essential to a happy life, the third one may sound unusual, but once you add a good sharp knife to your cooking repetoire, you can never go back to those dull cheap knives again.

I enjoy cooking, but I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a klutz. I actually used to be one of those people who was scared of super sharp knives, but the reality is, you’re more likely to cut yourself using a dull one, as it may slip and slide off the item you’re trying to cut..and then well…you know what happens..

The boy was sick of seeing me going through boxes of band-aids cause of the knicks and cuts I was getting from my dull knives ( I had a set of Kitchenaid ones that CONSTANTLY had to be sharpened). So for my birthday a year ago, he got me a gorgeous japanese chef’s knife. I shrieked with excitement when I opened the box (like I was 5 again and getting that Go-Go my walking pup I had begging my mom to get me for like 6 months straight).

He got it from Knifewear, a little shop in Inglewood that sells beautifully crafted high performance Japanese chef’s knives. I remember being in here before and testing out some of the knives on tomatoes. Hubba hubba.. it was love at first sight 😉

The knives I own are from the AsaiSrs15 Suminagashi line. These are apparently like the the Ferrari of knives. The steel used to make these knives is super hard and have qualities like stainless steel which means they won’t discolour or rust, apparently it’s the same steel used in precision equipement like dentist drills and surgical tools. Here’s a description from the website:

Asai Masami, born in 1948, works in Takefu Village, Echizen in Fukui Prefecture. His blades are known for a refined and long lived edge. In 1980, Echizen was the first production centre for forged blades to be awarded the nationally recognized Traditional Craft Product accolade. Blades have been hand forged here since Muromachi period (1392-1573).

These knives are finished with an octagon shaped Japanese style rosewood handle and black pakka wood collar. A modern look for traditional handles. Pakka wood is basically layers of rose or sandal wood bound with heaps of silicone. This type of handle creates a knife with overall lightness and a blade forward balance. I love a light knife as one does not become fatigued with heavy use and they are more precise.

The Damascus or Suminagashi cladding steel is super sexy. Can I call a knife sexy? I think so. Having a light, thin blade this knife is capable of extreme sharpness and glides through food. These are great little workers but remember they are like Ferraris; don’t treat them too roughly or drive them in the ditch. This is a very high performance, precision knife.

These are the ones I own:

180mm Gyuto Asai SRS15 Suminagashi – a multi-purpose knife – based on the classic European chef’s knife, this one does EVERYTHING.

170mm Nakiri Asai SRS15 Suminagashi – a vegetable knife, made for the push/pull action of chopping veggies. This knife is what put my mandolin into retirement.

75mm Paring Asai SRS15 Suminagashi – great for paring/peeling and other smaller jobs

These knives slide through food like silk and actually make you wanna cut vegetables all day. The handle is unbelievably light and the knife’s marble pattern is just a beauty to look at. But as with high quality jewelry, these knives are NOT cheap (these ranged from $190-$346CAN each). But they are definately worth it if it’s something you’re going to use everyday. These only need to be sharpened about once a year, which they can do for you at the shop. The owner Kevin also offers classes to teach you how to cut like a chef so you get the most out of your newly acquired knives. They also sell a range of cutting boards and knife bags too, I got this awesome blue one with buddhas on it, very roomy and great for storing your prized beauties.

If you can’t convince yourself to spend that much on a knife, put it on your wishlist. I was lucky enogh to get all three as gifts from the boy 😀

Call me crazy , but I’ll take a sexy high quality knife over a piece of jewelry any day. What can I say, I’m a foodie through and through.

Knifewear: 1316 9 Ave SE (Inglewood)

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