{3 S’s: Summer salad, Sloppy Joes and Space Odyssey}

Tonight I was craving something sweet, salty and fresh..

Solution: Simple summer salad – sliced organic mini cucumbers, strawberries in quarters, crumbled feta, dollop of kalamata olive tapenade, salt and pepper, drizzle of olive oil and balsamic + extra virgin olive oil

For the boy, I made some Elk Sloppy Joes.

The Alberta elk meat we got is from the Calgary Farmers Market, the meat is high in protein, iron and B vitamins. It is raised on natural feed – no antibiotics, growth stimulants, hormones or steroids and is leaner than beef.

  • saute some minced garlic and diced red onion
  • add chopped carrots, green pepper, celery and cremini mushrooms, cook till caramelized.
  • brown ground elk meat (we got ours at the Calgary Farmers Market) with seasoning salt and s
  • add in cook veg and mix with tomatoe paste, organic BBQ sauce, Worcestershire sauce and some roasted garlic onion jam (LOVE this stuff – great on bread with cheese too, one of my favourite snacks)
  • cut ciabatta bun in half, add some butter lettuce leaves and top with sloppy joe mixture and top with siracha sauce
  • served with a side of seasoned cucumbers

Little Jasper was quite interested in the meal

Here is a pic of the chutney I love, I get mine at Cookbook Cooks on 11th. Made with slow-roasted garlic, sweet onions and balsamic vinegar. Great with a chunk of brie/camembert, on pork tenderloin with roasted apples, on pizza or quesedillas or even added into your favourite savoury muffin/loaf recipe. YUM.

We also watched a movie I have been wanting to watch in awhile. I love Stanley Kubrick (The Shining and Clockwork Orange are a couple of my favourite movies) so naturally I wanted to see his groundbreaking hit: 2001: Space Odyssey.

Wow.. this is one craaazy movie. The boy had watched it when he was young, and recalled it being quite weird. Firstly, there was barely any dialogue and some parts were PAINFULLY slow. However the effects, like the shots of the spaceship and the space station interiors are quite impressive even today. Considering this was made in 1968, I can see how this film inspired many modern day directors today (like James Cameron and George Lucas).

It’s quite confusing at first, its one of those movies you have to watch again to get all the symbolism. Definately a movie that prompts discussion. There are some pretty psychedelic parts in this movie, which I could see being a hit in the 60s with all the drug experimentation.

I really like the last scene with the “alien zoo”, creepy and engaging…

It was pretty funny to see that scene of the monkey hitting the bones with the epic song in the background.

Reminded me of that scene in Zoolander when Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are hitting the computer. Haha…classic..

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