{Perfect Summer Day: Karst Trail Hike and Canmore Goodies}

We’ve been getting sick of the ridiculous traffic and the sites and sounds of the Stampede (we live only a couple minutes away), so we decided to get out of the city and spend our whole Saturday in Kananaskis Country to take advantage of the amazing summer weather. The drive to Canmore is always beautiful and picturesque. Our trail hike starts about 30km after Canmore along a really gravely and dusty road.

We started our hike at the bottom of the Mt Shark Trailhead. Ah.. the Stampede is the furthest thing from our minds out here.

We saw lots of streams..

It was a hot day, the shading from the trees helped to cool us off.

This one was a loud one, look at those white rapids!

I can’t believe all this beautiful nature is only an hour and half drive from our home.

After a couple hours, it was time for a snack. I packed some organic apricots and black cherries (the cherries were SO sweet, ripe and juicy!), vegetable havarti cheese (Springbank Cheese Co.), green olives stuffed with almonds and artichokes (Kingsland Farmers Market) and some sesame crackers. The perfect snack 🙂

Time to turn back..

After a long day of hiking, we heading back into Canmore for an icy cold glass of beer at the local brewery, The Grizzly Paw Brewery. I had a glass my usual, their Beaver Tail Raspberry Ale: light, fruity and refreshing with a slight hint of berries. The boy had a pint of the Big Head Nut Brown: a medium-bodied classic brown ale, he said it tasted like a darker and nuttier tasting version of the Big Rock Traditional Ale.

We also stopped at a couple of my favourite stores in Canmore, the Old Tyme Candy Shoppe and the Mountain Mercato for some goodies which I’ll share with you guys tomorrow in another post.

By now, it was about 8pm and I still had mini donut ice cream on the mind from Stampede on Thursday, so I convinced the boy to make a detour to Cochrane to the ever popular MacKays ice cream shop – serving ice cream for over 60 years using Alberta high butterfat cream.. just the way it should be 🙂

To my surprise and disappointment, they had JUST phased out the mini donut flavour!!!  I thought to myself, “Stampede isn’t even over yet, how could it be gone!! NOoOo!” After a couple minutes of shock and frustration, I settled for a single scoop of Cookie Dough, which put a smile on my face. Their ice cream is unlike any others, so creamy and smooth. Sheer pleasure in every bite. I’ll have to find some way of making my own version of my favourite flavour in the future.

Besides the minor mishap at the end there, all in all, a perfect summer day.

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