{Part II: Off to Canmore for some gourmet goodies}

After our hike yesterday, we stopped in Canmore to visit a couple of my favourite shops for a little shopping. First stop, the Olde Tyme Candy Shoppe.

This first item I got is from Japan. It appears to be a mochi with red bean paste and a strawberry interior. The pic on the front is deceiving cause inside are these individually wrapped rectangular starburst looking chews. Kind of tasted like a strawberry hubba bubba. Nothing special here..

Next item was “Le Whif“, a unique item from Paris, France by a company called Art Science Labs. It markets itself as a busy work day treat to accompany a coffee or after a meal. It’s a small tube of organic chocolate powder that you breathe into your mouth. It was created by a Harvard professor in collaboration with his students as a new inventive way to experience chocolate without all the calories. Intriguing..

How it works is, you push up the colored cap and breathe in gently from the top of the tube, which will release tiny food particles that deposit onto your tongue. Le Whif utilizes particle engineering to create chocolate particles so small that they can be airborne.

The verdict? I tried the chocolate raspberry one first and must have breathed in to quickly the first time, cause it made me cough. The second time worked better and the flavour of rich cocoa and fruity berries encompasses your whole mouth. I like the idea, but it’s missing the whole experience of feeling the chocolate melting in your mouth and the combination of sight, smell and taste working together. I think I’ll stick to my REAL chocolate raspberry dessert.

Next stop was to Mountain Mercato, a specialty food store selling gourmet items from all around the world. I was in heaven here!

It was so difficult to decide what to get here cause I wanted EVERYTHING!

First was this cute little package called “Somersaults“. This item caught my eye right away cause the package features an illustration by one of my favourite artists, Maira Kalman. I couldn’t resist. It turned out it was quite tasty too. Crunchy nuggets of sunflower seeds and toasted grains in the salty pepper flavour.

It’s marketed as a healthy snack that is balanced in protein, fiber and nutrients. They come in other flavours like: santa fe salsa, sea salt and chez cocoa. These was crunchy, nutty and very flavourful. Great on their own or maybe even sprinkled in a salad. Yum. Looking back I wish I had bought the bigger bag..

Next, one of my standbys in the kitchen, a balsamic reduction w/ truffle from Italy packaged in a convenient squeeze bottle. I always keep one at work to drizzle over my salads. It packs a lot of flavour and I like that it sticks to my veggies, unlike regular balsamic that usually just sinks to the bottom of my bowl. I didn’t even open the container and the smell of truffles had filled my cupboard. Not that I’m complaining.. Can’t wait to try it out!

Now onto the sweets, I HAD to get this just cause it’s one of my favourite flavour combos (hence the name of my blog). These are Duchy Originals organic stem ginger biscuits coated in dark chocolate. The company was launched by the Prince of Wales, who created a line of food that is natural, organic and sustainable.

Mmm.. delicate rich buttery biscuits with flecks of spicy ginger throughout, look at those flaky crisp layers, all enrobed in a delicious thick layer of smooth dark chocolate. These were delicious. A great biscuit to go with a cup of tea.

Because I love ginger so much, I picked up a container of Happy Snaps, a Canadian company that makes all natural mini honeycomb shaped ginger snaps with cinnamon, ginger and honey. There are no artificial flavours, preservatives and are trans-fat and cholesterol free. 21 of these little morsels is only 140cal! Nice.

Each little biscuit has a nice balance of spice and sweetness. I really like these, they are great on their own, crumbled into my greek yogurt or topping for ice cream. These would be great crushed and made into a crust for a tart as well.

Lastly, a small bottle of Organic Lemonade from Belvoir Fruit Farms from the UK. I’m a sucker of nice packaging and I just loved the beautiful calligraphic type on the label. They cook the rinds of the lemons to extract the oils before blending it with light sparkling Belvoir spring water. A lovely citrus flavoured beverage, however, this little beauty cost us $4.50 for a small bottle. Ouch.

Heres a sampling of their beverages. Love the colors and whimsical labels!

One Response to “{Part II: Off to Canmore for some gourmet goodies}”
  1. Leah says:

    I (heart) Sommersaults!

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