{Dessert: Nectar Sundays}

One of my favourite things about Sundays is the chance to indulge in the freshly baked cream scones made at Nectar Desserts. They only make these once a week for their Sunday tea parties and I was lucky that they had a couple extra to purchase. These ones are flecked with chunks of crystallized ginger pieces. A thin crispy golden exterior…

Buttery and light delicate crumb on the inside. These are lovely on their own, but you can purchase little pots of their homemade jams and creme fraiche which is delightful too. Plus they’re petite so you enjoy one after a meal without feeling too stuffed.

I like to take advantage of their seasonal items too, this one is a white nectarine frangipane tart. A classic pate brise crust filled with a sweet almond pastry cream filling and topped with slices of fresh fruit. Creamy nutty interior contrasted with the juicy soft nectarine chunks.

Oh how I LOVE summer..

2 Responses to “{Dessert: Nectar Sundays}”
  1. Vincci says:

    Mmm… those scones are so good with the crème fraîche. Do they still have that deal going on where you get a discount at the Sunday tea party if everyone’s wearing a hat?

  2. eatrundesign says:

    Yes, i believe so, 10% off to every person who wears a hat during the duration of their tea. I think thats a great idea 🙂

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