{Friday Date night: Famoso Neapolitan Pizza in Mission}

Tonight we decided to go satisfy our pizza craving at the much talked about Famoso on 4th street in the Mission area who specialize in Authentic Neapolitan pizza in a casual setting (the old location of My Marvin’s Deli – across from Starbucks).

We got there late, about 8:30pm, so the restaurant was only half full, good thing, cause we were hungry and they don’t take reservations. We were immediately seated in a booth and browsed through their huge menu to find ourselves the perfect pie..

What makes Famoso different, the theme of the place is authenticity:

– They use ’00’ Caputo flour, a low gluten flour for easier digestion and tomatoes imported from Italy from the Campania region

– They cook their pizzas in a bell shaped fire oven imported from Italy that cooks the pizza at 900F for 90 seconds

– They stretch each pizza dough by hand, no rolling pins or machines here and hand toss them too (great entertainment while you wait to eat)

– They use fior-di-latte – fresh whole milk mozzarella and fresh basil

They have a unique way of ordering as well, you have to go up to the counter when you are ready to order your food, but after that it’s full service. Lucky for us it wasn’t busy, but I can imagine it would be frustrating standing around waiting in line if it was really busy here. As well if this was your first time and you didn’t know how it all worked, it would not be nice to see people who came in after you ahead in line.

They also feature a couple promos, on Mon-Thurs is you can get a Margherita pizza and movie ticket for $16. As well there is Vino Wednesdays featuring free wine tastings and a free order of Bruschetta with an order of wine.

Anyways, onto the food..

I had the PrimaveraFresh mozzarella, smoked mozza, roasted red pepper, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, kalamata olives, caramelized onions and fresh basil ($14.50)

*Forgot my camera AGAIN.. taken with my Blackberry, sorry if pics are blurry*

These pizzas are unlike any other I’ve had in Calgary, super thin crust, crispy exterior yet still chewy and doughy in the center. Mine had an abundance of toppings, the crust was so thin that you have to fold the pizza in half like a book to eat it, half the fun 🙂 A pretty big pie too, about 11″ in diameter.

The boy ordered the BellaFresh mozzarella, fresh basil, spicy capicolla ham and cherry tomatoes ($13.50)

I tried a slice of the boy’s, not spicy at all, but the flavours were great, only thing was the tomato sauce made the crust quite soggy, not a fan of soggy pizza dough. But the boy still gobbled it up. I on the other hand could only finish half, but also cause I had dessert on the mind..

For a sweet treat we tried a couple of their gelato flavours from their freezer which they charge by scoop, I had a scoop of their salted caramel gelato while the boy got a mango. Artisan-style ice cream with low butterfat (only 7-8%, the opposite of MacKays who use HIGH butterfat about 17%, most ice cream is about 10%).

I hate to say it, but this is the first gelato I really did NOT like in a long time. The caramel flavour tasted really artificial, I compared it to a margarine that has butter-flavouring. It was like the caramel was a flavour imposter. I had a couple bites and was done with it. No hint of saltiness either. Disappointing waste of $3.50

The boy’s tasted better, but was just OK. We both much prefer Amato gelato.

The verdict? I’d definately come here again. The pizza is amazing and a good portion for the price (I only ate half and I was stuffed). I have to say I still prefer Una Pizza + Wine for the eclectic atmosphere (love that potato truffle honey pizza too..drool), where this place is quite casual and FEELS like a franchise. How does it compare to Pulcinella’s pies? Hands down I prefer Famoso, the crust is thinner and the ratio of toppings to dough is much more balanced here, I find Pulcinella’s has WAY too much dough and they are pricier too (average $17 for a pie). If you like pizza, do check this place out if you haven’t already.

Mm.. leftovers..

Famoso – 2303 4 St SW

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (4st SW) on Urbanspoon

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