{Giant cinnamon buns, Kim Anh subs and our favourite hiking trail yet!}

One of our goals this summer is to try to get out for hikes as often as we could (weather permitting). So far we’ve been doing pretty good, getting out once each weekend for the past month.

We left the house at about 10am and grabbed some breakie at my ol’ Sunday post-run lunch spot, the Lazy Loaf and Kettle in Parkdale. It wasn’t too busy yet which is good, this place gets SUPER packed around lunch time.

Fresh baked loaves of bread on the shelves waiting to be turned into sandwiches or french toast…

Something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile but haven’t because it’s usually sold out is the famous Lazy Loaf old-fashioned cinnamon bun. It was only 10:30am and there were only 2 of these left! This beauty was HUGE! A big spiral of sweet and fragrant cinnamon yeasted dough wrapped around sticky layers of caramelized sugar and plump raisins.

They also have the option to have it slathered in a layer of cream cheese frosting, but I thought it might be a bit too much before a hike, so I declined and went for it straight up.

This was good, nothing like “wow, this is the best cinnamon bun ever!” perhaps my hopes were too high. I thought it was a little bit on the dry side and could have probably had a bit more caramel sugar mixture in between the layers. Perhaps this is where the icing would have helped. I also wished the bun was more fluffy and puffed up. Regardless I ate about half of this giant bun.

The boy had half of his usual black forest ham sandwich on kettle bread with all the veggies that they could fit. Served with crunchy pickle wedge. This place is still our favourite fresh sandwich place in the city, it never disappoints. Great in the winter too after a full day of snowboarding, the perfect way to refuel.

After wolfing down our brunch, we were off to Kananaskis to do the Lillian Lakes trail..

This was a 12.8km hike through a really varied terrain. It was about 28 degrees celsius today, but there were lots of tree shaded parts in the hike and a nice cool breeze that helped cool us off along the way. One of the unique parts of this hike is all the bridges you come across on the trail..

Lots of streams along the way, there were times we were tempted to jump in to cool off.

After about an hour and a half, we were almost there…

Finally we reached our destination. We found a beautiful spot right by the water to enjoy some fresh organic cherries and gala apples for a snack. The whole way you could hear the gushing water in the streams, then when you arrive at the lake it’s SO calm.

After our snacks and water, back we go. We ran most of the way back, SOO much fun and a great workout! This hike had a predicted time of 4-6 hours and we managed to do it in about 3 hours and 15 minutes including our break.

When we got back in town, I had a craving for a Vietnamese sub, so we headed over to Kim Anh Subs on 17th Ave to fufill my craving.

I ordered the lemongrass & chili substirfried chicken with a lemongrass sauce and caramelized onions. I got all the toppings which included marinated carrots, cilantro, jalapeno peppers, crushed peanuts and cucumber.

This was about a 7/10, not the best Vietnamese sub I’ve had (Still love the ones at Thi Thi Subs better). Although, one thing I liked was the bread was really fresh, I hate it when I get subs with hard crusty bread that hurts the roof of your mouth when you eat it. The boy had an unpictured satay chicken sub (MINUS the cilantro, one of the few things he refuses to eat).

I also got a watermelon bubble tea to help me cool off. I love fresh watermelon smoothies, but I think they must have added some flavoured powder to the smoothie because it had this distinct fake-tasting watermelon flavour infused in it (kind of like watermelon Hubba Bubba bubble gum- blech..) I drank about a third before I couldn’t drink anymore, it was also quite sweet which was another reason I did not enjoy this. Oh well, can’t win them all.

Minus the post-hike meal, all in all, a great day. We found a new favourite hiking trail and took advantage of the beautiful summer day. Oh how I love the weekend..

On a unrelated topic, here’s a pic of Jasper this morning as I caught him speaking to the birdies outside from our window sill. He was quietly mewing away as the birds chirped their morning chatter.

5 Responses to “{Giant cinnamon buns, Kim Anh subs and our favourite hiking trail yet!}”
  1. Vincci says:

    Love your hiking photos! Brian and I have been trying to get out quite a bit too over the past month – we went out to Grassi Lakes a few weeks ago and we did the Castle Mountain lookout last week (we are certainly not in as good shape as you and the Boy!) We stayed in the city this weekend – Folk Fest on Saturday and Sun & Salsa on Sunday, but this weekend we are going to try our luck at finding a campsite. I’m stoked!

  2. eatrundesign says:

    Oh, i highly recommend this hike we did to anyone, the elevation gain is nothing like a scramble and it’s so beautiful the whole way there. Castle Mountain? cool! yea, we did a hike where it went through the Nakiska ski hill, so weird to see the hills/mountains when they’re not covered in snow. Ah, how was the folk fest? it was definitely perfect weather for it.

    I’m a bit upset I missed the Sun and Salsa, we usually try to make it down to kensington every year for that, did you have a favourite salsa? I remember Muse made a SUPER spicy one last year.

    Have fun camping this weekend 🙂

  3. foodtable says:

    your cat’s sooo cute! 🙂

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