{Cool off treat: Little Ice Cream and Soda Shoppe in Red Deer}

We headed out to Red Deer on Sunday to celebrate the boy’s little sister’s bday. It was a HOT day so we decided to cool off with a couple of ice creams. The boy is originally from here so he knew where the place to go was, the Little Ice Cream and Soda Shoppe.

It’s a cute little wooden house painted an eye popping shade of Pepto Bismol pink. The place was filled with the delicious smell of freshly baked waffle cones. It was a busy day so we had to wait a bit before we were served, it was kind of chaotic in there. I saw that the menu said “1 scoop = 2 flavours“, so I ordered up the cookie dough and the cappuccino chip…Uh.. does that look like ONE scoop to you. This is like a triple scoop (yes, there is MORE inside that huge waffle cone).

The boy had a “single” scoop too of his fave maple walnut.

Overall, the waffle cones were really good and really fresh, like a crispy european wafer cookie. The ice cream was very rich and creamy. The cookie dough had a weird taste to it though that i couldn’t put my finger on.. Almond extract? It was something unusual that didn’t seem like it should be in there. PLUS, there was NO cookie dough, just chocolate chips 😦 The cappuccino faired better, nice cinnamon-laced mocha base with dark chocolate flakes. I only ate about 2/3 of this beast before I gave up. I can’t believe I was beaten by an ice cream!! The boy of course finished his like a champ 😉

Little Ice Cream & Soda Shoppe on Urbanspoon

In other news.. looked what I got in the mail today.. in preparation for my 10 day Paris trip in October..Oh i can’t wait!

5 Responses to “{Cool off treat: Little Ice Cream and Soda Shoppe in Red Deer}”
  1. foodtable says:

    Oh lovely. Have fun in Paris! 🙂 That ice cream looks really good about now.

  2. Vincci says:

    Pretty books! I think you’re going to have such a good time!

  3. Ice Cream Gal says:

    Thanks for the great review =). I happen to work at that ice cream shoppe and its very close to my heart so its great to hear good experiences. I do find it odd that you had no cookie dough!! Thats no good, I eat the cookie dough often but I have never faced this problem, sorry you had too! Come on back again and I assure you won’t be disappointed!! =) Keep up the great blog, I’m glad I stumbled upon it!!

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