{Dining in: Snapper en papillote and Brulee Patisserie muffins}

I spent two hours at the gym tonight (strength class and high impact cardio), so I was ravenous. I wanted to make a fish dish so I popped into the “oh-so-convenientKeynote Sunterra right before they closed to pick up a package of snapper. We’ve been doing a good job of eating all our produce from our weekly organic grocery delivery, so I had to make due with what we had left.

I’ve been listening to the Fodor’s French for travelers audiobook on my walks home the past couple days, so I was inspired to make a french dish.. solution: Snapper en papillote.  A method of cooking in which the fish is baked in a folded parcel of parchment in the oven.

First tear two squares of parchment, fold them in half and cut out a half heart. Open up and place your veggies on one half, for two parcels I used a roma tomato, pattipan squash cut into matchsticks, chopped green onion and 3 thin lemon slices each (approx half a lemon).

Next, I seasoned the snapper filets with some fin-n-fish seasoning (shown below – great with crab, shrimp or any fish as a rub), rosemary, oregano, basil and ground black pepper.

Sear the filets in a pan with 2 tsp of olive oil for about 1 min each side till its golden on the outside. Then place on top of your pile of veg. Use the other half of your lemon to squeeze the juices over the two filets.

Seal the packets by crimping the parchment over itself. Kind of looks like a turnover pastry.. Mm.. all ready to be baked in a 325 oven for about 15 min.

While that is cooking, I made a quick quinoa pilaf inspired from one of my favourite cookbooks by The Coup, a vegetarian restaurant on 17th (definately in my top ten faves in Calgary).

I made the “Keenwa” which consisted of cooked quinoa mixed with some chopped tomato, garlic scape pesto, sesame oil, tamari, salt and pepper. Quinoa is pretty flavourless, so I add a vegetable boullion cube in the water while it cooks which adds tons of flavour. This is one of my favourite grains to eat post-workout because of it’s high protein profile. It’s also gluten-free and easy to digest for those of you out there with allergies.

15 minutes later, open up the paper and voila, dinner is ready

Slide the fish and veggies onto a plate, served with a side of my quinoa pilaf and some stir-fried bok choy.

The snapper was incredibly moist, flaky and tender, the aromatic flavours of the fish and herbs really made the veggies delicious too. Cooked to perfection. Cooking this way is quick easy and quite healthy too since you don’t use very much oil.

For dessert, me and the boy split a couple of the daily muffins from the Brulee Patisserie on 11th Ave. A quaint little shop located right below the Cookbook Cooks store in the beltline. They sell an assortment of cookies (the baci and molasses spice cookies are awesome), individual desserts (peanut butter mousse cup!), tarts and my favourites: their daily scones and muffins which change flavour everyday.

Today I got the raspberry white chocolate muffin.. tender with a delicate crumb, so light and airy, the cake just melts in your mouth. Big whole fresh raspberries and chunks of smooth white chocolate in every bite. Bliss.

Next, an equally delicious, morning glory muffin. A spiced cake flecked with shredded carrot, apple, seeds, nuts and coconut. Chock full of goodness. A heartier muffin, yet still a very light and fluffy texture. Love the crisp cinnamon sugar crust on the top of this one.

Ah.. can’t wait for the long weekend. Even Jasper is exhausted.

One Response to “{Dining in: Snapper en papillote and Brulee Patisserie muffins}”
  1. Vlad says:

    yum yum. will try to make this.

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