{Dining out: A late Sunday lunch at Laurier Lounge}

The boy’s brother has been raving about this burger (that he claims is the best he’s had in Calgary) that he had at Laurier Lounge. Ever since then, the boy has not been able to get it out of his mind, so to ease his craving, we decided to head over there for a late Sunday lunch. The restaurant is located in burgundy two-storey house just behind the Bike shop on 11th ave in a 100 year old heritage building. (The boyhood home of the famous George F.G. Stanley, designer of our Canadian flag)

It’s a casual French restaurant known for its fondue and other french-inspired tapas and entrees. We were seated on the main floor in a small corner booth (they have an awesome patio, but it was a bit chilly today). It’s an intimate space with small tables sprinkled across the main and upper dining room. The walls and decor are shades of black and burgundy and the ambience is reminiscent of a small parisian bistro. We’ve both eaten here before a couple times including Dine Out week earlier this year when they were featuring their fondue experience for two (cheese fondue to begin, followed by either beef or seafood as the main course and finished with Callebaut chocolate fondue) which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

Now onto the food.. I felt like something fresh and I’m always a sucker for a dish with duck confit, so I went with the Warm pulled duck confit & fig salad ($19)served on a nest of arugula & frissé and dressed with a mandarin orange vinaigrette. The waitress had mentioned I’d be stuffed after this salad and she was right! It was huge! Piled with warm tender chunks of duck, crunchy pumpkin seeds, crisp julienned red peppers and gorgeous cross sections of dried figs on top.

I made sure to get a piece of duck confit in every bite. It was bliss in every bite. I really enjoyed all the flavours and textures in this salad which worked well together. My only criticism is that there was a bit too much dressing, by the time I got to the bottom of the bowl, I couldn’t eat the last layer of frisee because they were soaked in so much of the vinaigrette. 😦 I’ll definitely be ordering this again, but next time I’ll ask for dressing on the side.

The boy took one glance at the menu and knew exactly what he was going to order. He went with the Montreal Filet Mignon Hambourgeois ($15) on the menu description it claims to be the best burger in Calgary. Served with red onion, emmentaler cheese, horseradish, garlic aioli, thick sliced tomatoe and crisp romaine spears (as per his brother’s recommendation). He splurged and ordered a side of poutine (an extra $5) to accompany his burger.

Here’s a better shot of the burger, look how thick that patty is! Now I’ll mention that the boy has eaten his fair share of burgers (a few of his faves which he had at Lounge Burger). When I asked his opinion, he said this one definitely comes out pretty close to the top of his list. I stole a bite too 🙂 for a second opinion of course. I loved the simplicity of the burger. So many places add lots of different sauces and spices that really overwhelm the patty, but the toppings on this one really work to compliment the burger and you could really taste and appreciate the quality of the perfectly cooked meat. Two thumbs up. Only downside, prepare for a big mess! It was dripping and bun kept sliding around. Perhaps not the best first date meal.

If this is a side order of poutine, I can only imagine what a full order would look like. It took up 3/4 of the dinner plate! I am no poutine connoisseur, but this was good and what I would expect. The potatoes are cut in house and I liked that the gravy wasn’t ‘floury’ like some gravies I’ve had in the past. A melty indulgent dish brought together with a generous sprinkling of Quebec cheese curds. Dieters avert your eyes.

We noticed a couple of the diners across the room who were raving about the molten chocolate lava cake they were eating (served with a scoop of espresso gelato), but we both were SOO stuffed from our meals I couldn’t even TRY to fit it in (and believe me, I RARELY ever turn down dessert when we go out).

Overall, another nice meal at Laurier. It’s a great place for a romantic date or a casual meeting with friends over a bottle of wine and plates of tapas to share (I highly recommend the Coquille St Jacques – scallops, mushrooms, potato, in a pernod cream sauce with an emmentaller gratinée).

Laurier Lounge: 1111 – 7th Street S.W. (in the historic Stanley House)

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2 Responses to “{Dining out: A late Sunday lunch at Laurier Lounge}”
  1. The Brother says:

    Mearly “close to the top of his list”? Brother’s wife finds it cute that you ordered the same thing she did on my last LL burger journey.

    • eatrundesign says:

      Haha, well you’ll have to take that up with “the boy”. I thought it was amazing, good call. Yes, that salad was beckoning my name, great minds think alike 🙂

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