{Dinner in a jiffy and coconut water for post-workout}

I’m gonna keep this one short cause I’m exhausted. I’m in the midst of my half marathon training and I’ve been incorporating a lot of hills in preparation for the Canmore race. I did 1 and a half hours of running and an hour cardio class at the gym after. I have to say two and a half hours of working out is nothing after you’ve trained for a marathon. Oh how I would dread waking up in the morning knowing I had to get a 3 and a half hour training run in.. gah…

On days like these, I’m too drained to fuss over dinner..

Solution: pick random items in your fridge to make a nice platter to share. Tonight’s included: locally made naan bread, organic red flame grapes, chunks of Parmigiano Reggiano, artichoke almond stuffed olives (Kingsland Farmers Market), organic grape tomatoes, genoa salami and a couple of fresh figs (oh how I LOVE figs).

Mm.. perfectly satisfying. This would have been lovely with a nice glass of fruity and refreshing white wine.. however, it’s probably not the best post-workout beverage, so I settled for a Zico coconut water. I usually have one of these during and after a long run instead of a sports beverage which have tons of sugar (this only has 44cal per 8oz). It has more potassium than a banana or the equivalent amount in 15 sports drinks (an essential electrolyte to prevent muscle cramps and a speedy recovery). It would be used during times of war and famine as a way to restore hydration and it’s the only natural substance that can be injected into the bloodstream. Crazy! I also use this as a substitute in smoothies instead of water too. If you haven’t already, go out and try this, perfect for those hot summer days. I have found these at health stores like Community Natural Foods and Planet Organic, the Keynote Sunterra also has them too 🙂

4 Responses to “{Dinner in a jiffy and coconut water for post-workout}”
  1. heathermtaylor says:

    You inspire me! Days like this, I just eat the tuna out the can spooned on to wheat crackers and graze in front of the fridge for the rest. Maybe next time, I will plate it nicely 🙂

    • eatrundesign says:

      Haha, yes! Sometimes there’s nothing better than just eating out of the fridge of cupboard, I do it all the time. I think plating it nicely just makes you feel a little fancier while “grazing” 🙂

  2. foodtable says:

    Good luck w/ your 1/2 marathon!!! I walked a 5K yesterday and I am already exhausted. Lol. Oh good tip w/. the coconut water. I will have to get some for the gym. Thanks-

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