{Dining in: Deconstructed pizza ala Chocolate & Ginger}

The boy is going to be leaving town for work and be gone till Thursday so I wanted to make a special dinner for us tonight. One of his favourite things to eat is pizza, so I picked up a package of freshly baked flatbread from Sunterra on my way home from the gym and set out grabbing random things from the fridge for toppings for my deconstructed pizza..

Like these cute little organic pattipan squash.

Sliced thinly with my Gyoto Asai SRS15 knife…Ever since I got my knives from the boy for christmas, I LOVE going into the kitchen and slicing up anything I can get my hands on. I find chopping veggies quite meditative and relaxing, is it just me who thinks that? I know, I’m weird..

I got slice happy and next thing you know, I ended up with this huge platter or delicious-ness.. Starting from the left – sauteed yellow onions, pattipan squash, button mushrooms infused with rosemary and truffle oil, charred tomatoes with oregano and basil, sweet corn and paper thin slices of white potatoes, I cooked each individually in a pan for about 5-8 min each, seasoned with s&p and plated them in rows on my favourite Crate and Barrel platter. I lay thin sheets of proscuitto around the edges. I also added some unpictured slivers of parmesano reggiano I sliced off the huge chunk I have from Costco. Feel free to use whatever you have in the fridge, there are no wrong answers here.

Next, some spreads: some leftover babaganoush..

and some roasted garlic goat cheese…so soft creamy and dreamy…

Some condiments too…

I cut the flatbread into triangles and baked them at 400F in the oven the till edges show a hint of golden brown..This was an AWESOME dinner. So fun to eat since you can make any combination of flavours. The best combo was a copycat of my favourite pizza at Una Pizza + Wine, a smear of creamy goat cheese, layered with thin slices of the potatoes, a slice of parmesan, a drizzle of truffle oil and wildflower honey.. GAHHH… I’m in heaven!!! Sorry, no pics of the composed pizza wedges.. me and the boy were to busy eating and enjoying our meal 🙂 We had some leftover veg and a couple wedges of flatbread.. perfect atop a salad for lunch tomorrow!

For dessert.. a ramekin with a scoop of vanilla fro-yo, apple juice sweetened granola, melted chocolate PB, shredded coconut, cacao nibs, slivered almonds and chunks of fresh strawberry…a perfect end to a wonderful dinner.

2 Responses to “{Dining in: Deconstructed pizza ala Chocolate & Ginger}”
  1. Lori says:

    My knives are not as fancy as yours (I get that fancy store to sharpen them-that counts, right?) and I know what you mean-I love making soup or salad just to stand and slice and dice.
    It looks like the perfect meal. I’m going to assume you at least had a glass of wine with all that…

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