{Dining out: Brunch at NOtaBLE and cooling off with frozen yogurts at Spoon Me}

Today me and my fellow coworker and blogger friend went to the much-anticipated NOtaBLE that opened up about a week ago. It’s located in a kind of obscure location in the community of Montgomery in a condo complex. The restaurant is the brainchild of chef Michael Noble, the former executive chef at Catch, culinary director at Earl’s and the recipient of several prestigious culinary awards. He’s also competed in the Bocuse D’or and even went against Morimoto in an Iron Chef competition!

It’s a 132-seat restaurant featuring an open kitchen concept. The interior was beautiful with lots of rich dark chocolate, tan and greys throughout. Geometric metal pendant lights, plush dark grey booths, a lovely wooden wall with an intricate square pattern cut into it. On the other side is a huge open kitchen and an impressive wine wall. When you enter the restaurant, the first thing you notice is the bright stainless steel rotisserie. A nice wow factor when you walk in.

Image from Notable website.

The restaurant was not too busy today which was a good thing cause we were both really hungry. Onto the food..

After scanning the menu, we found it quite hard to decide what to order, there were a lot of delicious sounding items but I finally settled a dish from the brunch menu: salmon and bacon hash w/ scallions, sweet corn with soft poached eggs on top. Served with a side of multi-grain toast ($14).

This was a nice flavourful dish, aesthetically, its not much to look at, but the char-grilled salmon chunks and sweet corn worked well with the potato hash mixture which I scooped onto the toast, this IS breakfast comfort food. I have to say the bacon flavour did not come through, but I still enjoyed it. The egg yolks were a vibrant orange, I only wish the 2nd egg had more yolk in it, it seemed to have leaked out while it was cooking 😦

My friend ordered the Grilled Tombo tuna sandwich on a crispy kaiser bun with a wasabi and asian seasoned mayo with a side of greens ($15). Her opinion? She said the flavours were fantastic but it would have been better had the tuna not been overcooked. There is nothing worse than ordering a tuna filet that isn’t rare enough 😦 She did enjoy the mayo sauce a lot and the salad was fresh and the tomatoes were very sweet and juicy.

Overall, love the look and ambience of the restaurant, but like most newly opened establishments, they’re still trying fix minor glitches. We noticed it took a long time for our food to arrive and both tables on either side of us were waiting a long time too for their dishes to arrive. The waitress also made a mistake on our bill and they had brought the wrong dish to a couple of tables. Things I’m sure they’ll resolve with some time. I’ll probably stop by here again in about a month to try their dinner menu. I’ll definitely be sampling their signature rotisserie chicken.

NOtaBLE Restaurant – 4611 Bowness Road NW

NOtaBLE on Urbanspoon

We then continued our day in the Kensington area and satisfied our sweet tooth with two baby orders of tart frozen yogurt at Spoon Me. The oh-so-popular place to cool off on a hot summer day. Their yogurt has a very distinct texture, almost sorbet-like. It’s also low in calories (less than 90 cal per serving), fat-free and made with all-natural ingredients. They are also environmentally conscious, all their cups, napkins and spoons are made from 100% biodegradable materials. They usually have about 3 flavours, their signature are their acai berry, green tea and the natural flavour.

Today we both decided to go with their new seasonal flavour, the orange, peach mango. We had our choice of 3 toppings. My friend got fresh chunks of strawberries, mango and a generous scoop of shredded coconut.

I had a similar one but with chunks of pineapple instead of the coconut. Perfectly satisfying and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon while people watching.

Note: they also Spoon Me branded “green” clothing. I bought a pair of their cotton capris and sweatpants.. most comfortable and soft pajama pants ever..

Spoon Me: Kensington: #100 1130 Kensington Road NW and 17th Ave: 1510 6th Street SW

Spoon Me on Urbanspoon

We also had a great time in the retro toy store next door, it was so fun reminiscing on toys of our past and watching these wind-up toys in action. Good times.

4 Responses to “{Dining out: Brunch at NOtaBLE and cooling off with frozen yogurts at Spoon Me}”
  1. Eric Sharp says:

    I will try this restaurant for sure now, all the glitches should be worked out now!! I’m sure a great restaurant like this would have corrected the mistakes had you brought it to their attention. I’ve heard many great things

  2. You can also get the chicken to-go! All the info is on their website.

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