{Best chocolate cake ever from Nectar and a visit to the WildeGrainz bakery}

Behold, this cube of chocolately bliss..it’s called the Mad Hatter..a NEW addition to the Nectar Desserts display case..

A 3 layer chocolate sponge cake with 3 different fillings. The first a thick milk chocolate ganache, second is a layer of passionfruit curd and third is a fruity and tart raspberry coulis, all enrobed in a thick chocolate ganache..Oh my.. I need to sit down for this one..

I LOVE Nectar’s chocolate cake (one of my faves being their chocolate malt cake.. I wish they would bring back their white chocolate raspberry one though..). This was all of my favourite flavours combined into one. If you live in Calgary and you like chocolate, you NEED to have this cake in your life. I’ve never seen this before, so I’m not sure if this is a seasonal thing. I’ve already bought another one to stash in my freezer for those chocolate emergencies.

Just next door, I noticed the WildeGrainz artisan bakery has finally opened up. A cute little rectangular space, with gorgeous loaves lined in large baskets (today was multigrain, sprouted wheat and tear drop shaped baguettes) and a small display case of desserts (chocolate souffle banana cake, the THICKEST chocolate torte, plum yogurt cake, lemon curd tart). They also have a variety of pastries like croissants and their sticky cinnamon buns (which I got to sample at Sunfest).

Today I picked up a mexican cookie, seed cookie and this.. their signature loaf. The pear buckwheat walnut loaf. All wrapped up in brown paper and tied with a piece of rafia. I like the customized stickers on top, a nice touch.

Crusty crispy exterior studded.. love the rustic look of the loaf..

Studded with chunks of pear and crunchy walnut pieces. The perfect sandwich bread or perhaps a french toast…

I sliced this beauty up and wrapped them in twos so I can defrost them as I need them. I find bread freezes very well, just put them on the counter to defrost and it’s almost a good as it was the day you bought it.

I also picked up this book today.. can you believe I don’t own this already, I can’t wait to start “mastering the art of the french cooking..”

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