{Sample-fest aka Taste of Calgary 2010 at Eau Claire Market}

After a sweltering hot 17km run early Sunday afternoon, me and boy headed down to Eau Claire Market for the annual Taste of Calgary 2010, an outdoor food and beverage sampling festival. How it works is you buy coupons (75 cents each) and each food item is purchased with these coupons – mini mains are typically 5-6 coupons, smaller items and desserts are 2-3 and beer and spirits are 2-4.

It was the last day of the festival, but still super busy today. We picked up their 20 tickets for $15 each and got straight to business…first off, we knew we had to try Baton Rouge baby back ribs again.. tender, fall off the bone texture and a nice smoky BBQ sauce, just like we remember from our first visit their during opening night.

Next to Tango Bistro for their pulled pork slider w/ carolina coleslaw sandwiched between a mini ciabatta bun.

To Nubian Express (African cuisine), where I got the seasoned coconut rice with plantains. MmM, this was one of my favourite mains and my first time trying plantains. The rice had a nice spicy kick and the plantains were crispy and caramelized on the outside and soft and creamy on in the inside.

Shibuya Izakaya for the Jap dogan all beef hot dog topped with teriyaki sauce, japanese mayo, shredded seaweed, bonito flakes, all sandwiched between a hot dog bun.

This was the boy’s favourite item of the festival, a really unique twist on a classic. The asian flavours worked perfectly with the hot dog.

We took a breather from the food and indulged in the beer gardens. I had the Big Rock Gopher lagera light refreshing beer similar to grasshopper. The boy had the Efes Pilsner a tangy dark beer from Turkey.

After a few more bevies, we were ready for this big boy, the perogies with farmers sausage with a drizzle of sour cream at Fourth and 4th. This portion was HUGE! This was the one that did us in. We were stuffed to the brim after this one.

Not too stuffed to fit in dessert though, this was my favourite item at the festival, Delicious Thai’s sticky rice heart with coconut milk and fresh mango. I voted it the best presentation out of all the samples.

I still had some leftover tickets so we treated ourselves to a few White Owl whiskey caesars. Whiskey caesars?! I know it sounds odd, but it was clear in the bottle and tasted just like vodka to me. Served with a pickled bean. These were AWESOME, great spice, tangy and citrus-y. The boy thinks of himself as a caesar connoisseur and he thought these were perfect. We chilled out here for a while and listened to live bands, a perfect way to spend a summer’s day.

I used up my last few coupons on this Panang chicken curry on rice at Ruan Thai. I LOVE thai food! This place is not too far from our place, so occasionally we’ll get takeout from here. Their pad thai is my favourite 🙂

I thought I’d bring this one home and eat it later on tonight when I wasn’t so stuffed.

..and a piece of chocolate walnut brownie from Chicago Chophouse for dessert later too 🙂 This was super chocolately, dense – just the way a brownie should be.

Till next year…

2 Responses to “{Sample-fest aka Taste of Calgary 2010 at Eau Claire Market}”
  1. Vincci says:

    I opted out of Taste of Calgary this year just because I’ve found it to be a ripoff in the past, but it looks like they’re bringing in more restaurants now – a little sad I missed it!

    • eatrundesign says:

      Yea the portions at some of them were definitely a little skimpy, but we made sure to get a look at what everyone was eating to check out what looked good, I got like 8 huge perogies for 5 coupons, it was like a full meal there 🙂

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