{Pommes Anna ala Chocolate and Ginger – inspired by Julia Child}

I had a few potatoes lurking in the cupboard waiting to be used.. so I consulted my new Julia Child book and found this..

First off, prepare some clarified butter.. slowly melting it on medium heat till the water evaporates..

and skimming off the froth and milk solids..leaving you with pure butterfat, which now be cooked at a higher temperature than regular butter..

Put a tablespoon of clarified butter in the bottom of a cast iron skillet. Slice your potatoes (I used medium sized white potatoes) thinly and arrange them starting from the center out in a circular overlapping pattern..

Like so..

I then added a few more ingredients of my own.. some thinly sliced sweet onion..

Layered with some herbed goat cheese and salt and pepper, repeat with another layer of potatoes, onions and cheese and another tablespoon of butter on top. Wrap in foil and squish it down with a heavy pot to press all the layers tightly together..

Bake at 450F for 20 min covered and another 20-25 min uncovered. Place a cookie sheet under to catch any spillage.. Flip out onto a plate and voila!

I used a small 6″ round skillet, perfect portion for two.. cut into quarters, drizzle with clover honey and a touch of black truffle oil and serve with a side of mixed greens.. Perfection..

2 Responses to “{Pommes Anna ala Chocolate and Ginger – inspired by Julia Child}”
  1. Merry120 says:

    That looks amazing! I’ve really been enjoying your blog. I live in Calgary also.

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