{Zucchini, proscuitto & basil pesto flatbread and hazelnut chocolate french toast with peach slices}

I had a craving for pizza tonight (a craving I get about once a week) but didn’t want to buy any ingredients, so I made due with what I had at home.. First I defrosted 2 ovals of naan bread I had in the freezer (I always keep some in there for sandwiches and flatbreads). Spread with a generous layer of basil pesto..

Next add a layer of thinly sliced sweet Maui onion..

Some thinly sliced zucchini.. similar pattern to my Pommes Anna last night..a hypnotizing squeeze of balsamic reduction, drizzle of olive oil, seasoned with a grinding of hawaiian pink sea salt, pepper, rosemary and oregano..

Paper thin shavings of parmesan with my vegetable peeler..

A few sheets of proscuitto and a freshly cracked organic egg..

Baked in the oven at 425F for about 12 min and broiled for 5 min to cook the egg a bit more.. all the flavours worked perfectly together.. this is proof that flatbreads can taste amazing even without a lot of cheese..

Onto dessert..I usually ponder what to make for dinner on my half an hour walk from the gym, and tonight I had remembered I wanted to make a french toast with that lovely pear buckwheat walnut bread I had picked up this past weekend. I pulled a slice out of the freezer and defrosted it on my counter while I prepped dinner..

In a shallow bowl I mixed one egg, two tablespoons of heavy cream, a dash of cinnamon and a capful of vanilla extract..

Cook in a pan on med high heat with a teaspoon of butter till golden on both sides. Slather with a generous layer of Nutella… the heat from the toast melts it instantly into this rich, thick, frosting like spread..

Topped with slices of a fresh peach and a couple pinches of slivered almonds..

Oh my goodness…crispy eggy toast, thick melty chocolate spread and the tender & sweet flesh of the peach.. best combo ever..this went perfect with a large cup of ginger tea while watching my new favourite show, Breaking Bad..

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