{Food blogger potluck at the park on an overcast Sunday afternoon}

About 16 local food bloggers gathered for a BBQ potluck in Edworthy Park. The weather was that cloudy overcast day where it looks as if it could start pouring rain any second. Fortunately we lucked out and the rain held off. Plus the clouds made a perfect filter, ideal conditions for taking food photos 🙂

We started off with some watermelon..we didn’t have an knife so Pierre improvised and used the back of an axe.. oh yea, we’re classy like that..

I brought a couple of appies including some golden watermelon, feta and basil skewers.. FINALLY an excuse to use those bamboo party picks I’ve had sitting in my cupboard 🙂

I also brought a platter of truffled cremini mushrooms bruschetta w/ sweet onion, fresh basil and parmesan cheese on freshly baked Wild Grainze multigrain bread..

I spread each slice of bread with some homemade basil pesto too..

I was so excited to try everyone’s dishes. Wendy made some lemon squares that were to die for. Perfect balance of tart and sweet and a crumbly dense buttery crust. I loved the golden crispy edges..

Her friend brought some apple pie cheesecake squares..a crispy almond topping, apple pie filling atop a smooth cream cheese filling over a flaky pastry crust..

Pierre brought some cookies from bought at Evelyn’s coffee bar in Banff. These were the BIGGEST cookies I’ve ever seen, they looked like giant scones! There was a seed and nut cookie, the texture was a mix between a chewy cookie and a tender biscuit.

This one was my fave, the ginger cookie with a raspberry jam filling..

As well as many others, a lemon yogurt, peanut butter chocolate chip

He also made this gorgeous salad from lettuce, dill and pansies from his backyard, dressed with a black currant vinaigrette.

Vincci (who organized the whole event) made some homemade tzatziki, thick and creamy made with 0% Liberte greek yogurt..Mmm..

To go with some marinated chicken, cooked on her homemade grill, so clever..

Julie made this FANTASTIC garlic scape pesto potato salad with yellow and green beans. So many different flavours, now THIS is how potato salads should be..(the boy even said “..this is the BEST potato salad I’ve ever had” – and he’s a potato-fanatic)

She also brought gluten-free quinoa flour brownies. So dense and fudgy, you couldn’t tell it wasn’t made without flour.

Lauren brought a gluten-free plum cake, the cake was incredibley moist and the pieces of fresh plum in each bite were bliss..

Chelsey brought champagne martinated peach and raspberries w/ ginger lemon syrup, topped with a cloud of fresh whipped cream.. Whoa.. I could have eaten like 3 of these..

The fruit was infused with the champagne, tasted just like a bellini...

I’m officially stuffed..

6 Responses to “{Food blogger potluck at the park on an overcast Sunday afternoon}”
  1. We did something similar in Ottawa with 6 food bloggers plus pals on Sunday. Love your pictures of the food. It was really nice to get to know each other a bit more in person. You probably found the same. Two of us have posted so far if you are interested in a look-see at what a grey day looks like in the nation’s capital.



  2. Lauren says:

    It was so nice to meet you! I really enjoyed the potluck and absolutely adored those watermelon skewers. Heaven :). So much fun – I can’t wait to do it again!

  3. Wendy says:

    I really am speechless. Your dishes are fabulous interesting and unique! Do you eat like this everyday?
    It was great meeting you and your Boy.

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