{Dining in: Breakfast for dinner and coconut ginger black thai rice pudding}

After work today, me and the girls headed out to Memorial park to do our outdoor boot camp class. We did a variety of circuits including push-ups, squats, burpies (my LEAST favourite), laps around the park (my fave) and ended with a tough core routine. The hot weather made our workout tougher and by the end, we all sprawled out in the shade on the cool grass.

I ran home afterwards (I work only 2km from our house) to join the boy for our first run together. We’ve got three weeks till our Canmore race (I’m doing the half marathon and he’s doing his FIRST race – the 10km). The sun was starting to set so it was a bit cooler with a nice breeze. We put in a good 6km and came home ready for dinner.

We both LOVE breakfast and could eat it every meal of the day (which we often do). So tonight I made use of our SPUD harvest box veggies..First off, some white potatoes roughly chopped into a pot of boiling water till it’s just tender..

When they’re cooked, I placed the drained potatoes into a bowl and added two cubes of my garlic scape walnut pesto from the freezer, a splash of olive oil, and a grinding of salt and pepper. Bake at 425F spread across a cookie sheet until they are golden around the edges..about 20 min.

While that was in the oven, I looked into the fridge for ingredients for my “more veggie than egg scramble“. Some leftover bruschetta from last night: perfectly ripe yellow and roma tomatoes with some ribbons of fresh basil, splash of balsamic and olive oil and seasoned with s&p.

Some chopped button mushrooms..

Sweet onion and fresh english peas..Put all the veg into a pan and add two whisked organic eggs..

When it’s almost done, add in a handful of mini cubes of creamy fontina cheese..

I also added a bunch of pea shoots at the end for some added freshness..

For my dinner, I had the scramble and potatoes atop a huge bed of lightly dressed mixed greens and a side of toasted spinach naan bread with a smear of basil pesto.

The boy had a double portion of everything with a side of ketchup mixed with his Alberta Crude hot sauce.. yep.. he’s still addicted to that stuff..

For dessert, I had coconut rice pudding on the mind. I started off with some black thai rice I got from Community Natural Foods..

A beautiful long grain rice that is a form of a sticky rice. The rice has a sweet nutty flavour and cooks into a deep eggplant colour.

I cooked it like I would regular rice, one part rice, two parts liquid (instead of water I used lite coconut milk). Cook on high heat till it boils uncovered, then turn the heat down to low and cover with a lid and simmer till the liquid is almost all gone and the rice is tender.

I sprinkled mine with some unsweetened flakes of coconut, chopped crystallized ginger and a drizzle of ginger syrup. Filling, comforting and exotic..Enjoyed with a large mug of ginger tea..

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