{Busy weekend: Kingsland Farmers Market, my new favourite salad and dinner at moms}

A jammed packed weekend. On Saturday, I did a double cardio class and ate this protein bar from my gym for some quick post-workout fuel (I hate most protein bars, but this one is awesome, packed with goodness!)

…I then headed over to Jugo Juice to get my vegetable fix. A large Max Veg with ginger (beets, carrots, spinach, green pepper, celery and cucumber). As well as a not so delicious 1oz shot of fresh wheat grass.

This little cup is said to equal 2.5 pounds of leafy green veggies. Full of vitamins and amino acids. Whoever said this tastes like fresh peas is out to lunch.. tastes like I ate the mulch from the lawnmower (blech..) Consumed for health not for taste.

To distract myself from the nasty taste in my mouth, I picked up an unnecessary hoodie from my favourite store, Lululemon. This place is VERY dangerous for my wallet..

Then headed over to the Kingsland Farmers Market for the infamous Taber Corn that has finally made its first appearance in Calgary.

I picked up 6 ears for $5. Mmm..sweet and juicy butter-yellow kernels..

I love to buy local organic produce as much as I can..

So many lovely things to choose from..

Like these beauties..

My sweet-tooth beckoned me to pick up a couple of these alfajors by Coco Karamel (the samples ALWAYS get me). These are made by a family from Argentina who emigrated here in 2002. This is their traditional family recipe made with no artificial flavours and high quality ingredients. I got the traditional alfajorvanilla biscuits filled with dulce de leche (milk jam) and decorated with coconut. As well as the double chocolate alfajor – chocolate biscuits filled with dulce de leche (milk jam) and coated with semi-sweet chocolate.

The biscuits are like melt-in-your-mouth shortbread and the creamy caramely dulce de leche jam and flecks of coconut are bliss..

I also picked up a Rocky Mountain Kitchen Blueberry Bliss granola bar..made with organic ingredients and sweetened with brown rice syrup, honey and agave.

Some gourmet olives from Olive You – this one had marinated artichoke hearts and green olives stuffed with almonds.

I came home with my goodies and made myself a nice summery salad. Chopped golden and red tomatoes, 1/4 avocado, golden watermelon, sprinkling of fresh pea shoots. I topped with some basil pesto, balsamic reduction and some crumbled feta.. Gah.. the perfect balance of flavours, I think I’ve got a new favourite..

Later on in the evening, me and little Jasper headed over to mom’s for a lovely dinner.

We started off with a grilled romaine caesar salad with shaved parmesan, huge grilled prawns and a side of chili jam.

Some fresh taber corn..

Gorgeous and fragrant herbs snipped from mom’s garden – some lemon thyme, sage and lavender..

..roasted in the oven with whole garlic cloves, onion atop creamy Yukon potatoes (from her garden too). Crispy on the outside and soft pillowy potato on the inside..

Some homemade salsa made with avocado, heirloom tomatoes, fresh herbs, minced jalapeno and lots of lime juice as a topping for our salmon..

All together now..

My mom picked up this pie from the Farmer’s Market earlier that day, a Saskatoon berry pie from Pearson’s berry farm. A u-pick berry farm about 90 min drive from Calgary..

A huge slice warmed in the oven and topped with some Madagascar vanilla frozen yogurt.. shared with multiple spoons..

Off to the couch with a happily full belly.. even Jasper is tuckered out..

2 Responses to “{Busy weekend: Kingsland Farmers Market, my new favourite salad and dinner at moms}”
  1. Vincci says:

    Can you believe I still haven’t been to the Kingsland Farmer’s Market yet? Those alfajores look *amazing*! Oh, and the veggies and fruit too… 😛

  2. eatrundesign says:

    Yes, the Kingsland Farmers market is nice since its open 6 days a week, definately check it out, not as big as the crossroads or currie barraks, but there are some vendors that were new to me there..and those alfajors tasted as good as they looked 🙂

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