{Fashion Saturday: lustworthy fall items and cowgirl cookies}

I can’t believe in less than a month and a half, I will sitting at a cute little cafe in Paris indulging in a delicious fresh pastry and admiring the beautiful colours of autumn in France with the boy. The excitement and the arrival of fall here has also made me excited about the 2010 fall/winter fashion coming out so I thought I’d share a few looks I’m loving right now from one of my favourite stores Anthropologie..

Love their new “cowboy chic” catalogue with all the majestic horses. Which inspired this cookie.. cowgirl cookies to be exact.. Inspired by this recipe here, it’s kind of like a “whatever you have in the cupboards cookie“…

First mix together the dry which includes flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt.. Then onto the wet ingredients. Cream together softened butter, cane sugar and brown sugar till nice and creamy..

Add in 2 eggs, one at a time..

Now incorporate the dry mixture  into the wet. Now it’s time to stir in your mix-ins.. which include.. 3/4 of a almond milk chocolate bar (I had in my chocolate box)..

2 cups of rolled extra thick oats, organic chocolate chips, 3 fleur de sel caramels diced, unsweetened shredded coconut, dried currants, slivered almonds and some crushed walnuts..

Stir till it is just incorporated and pop into the fridge for about 10 min before scooping.. I used my cookie dough scoop and baked them for about 13 min at 350F..

Which yielded these crispy on the outside, yet chewy on the inside rounds packed full of goodies…

This recipe made a lot of cookies. I baked about 24 and still had lots of dough, so I wrapped the uncooked dough in a log and put it in the freezer for another day.. This batch went to work with me on Friday for my coworkers to celebrate the long weekend..

Don’t forget my $45 gift card giveaway.. I’ll be drawing tomorrow so be sure to leave a comment to get in your entry..

2 Responses to “{Fashion Saturday: lustworthy fall items and cowgirl cookies}”
  1. Vincci says:

    And Anthropologie is opening in Chinook in November! Can’t wait!

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