{Weekend wrap up: MARKETbar at Sunterra, elk chili in a jiffy and homemade vanilla apple rosemary butter}

Happy Labour day weekend, here are a few things we did this weekend..

Friday night we had a date night at the MARKETbar on the upper level of Sunterra in the Keynote condo building…

Really nice open interior, the huge wine wall and huge bar counter adds lots of style to the place. I also liked that there are lots of huge windows to let in natural light. I wish it was warmer so we could have enjoyed our bevies outside, but that’s ok. Prices are pretty reasonable compared to 17th ave bar prices (the perfect place to grab drinks after work or before a night on the town). Wine ranges from $6.50 to $8.50 for a glass of wine. I went with a Chardonnay tonight from the Okanagan, B.C. I came here early, so I ordered the boy his “usual” Big Rock Traditional..

We also had their charcuterie board ($13). Pretty reasonable price. There was mango stilton, double cream brie, applewood smoked cheddar, the meats included some thinly sliced bunderfleish and chunks of salami. It also came with 2 thick sliced of light rye bread, gherkins, green grapes and some black olives. The perfect amount for two to satisfy our “snacky-but-not-hungry” craving.

On Saturday I made use of our PILES of potatoes by boiling roughly chopped chunks for about 8 min…

then seasoning them with some hawaiian pink sea salt, italian herb blend and freshly ground pepper and some EVOO, the fruity smell of olive oil steaming from the hot potatoes was AMAZING..

…as a side to my “in a jiffy elk chili” which was nothing fancy at all. We have leftover ground elk meat I cooked up a chopped onion and a couple cloves of garlic, add a couple chopped roma tomatoes. Then in went a can of baked beans and seasoned with some worcestshire, sriracha hot sauce and a few tablespoons of hickory smoked bbq sauce. Voila, it’s like I was slaving away in the kitchen when I wasn’t 🙂 The boy had his with a side of toasted sunflower rye toast from the Rustic Sourdough bakery.

Then I eyed this container I had sitting on the counter of those lovely apples I had picked in my backyard about a week ago..then I looked over at those cute little glass jars I had bought the Nectar Desserts sale.. the wheels were turning and I came up with a recipe on the whim..homemade apple compote.

I chopped up about 10 of these mini apples into small chunks…put them into a pot with a squeeze of half a lemon and a few tablespoons of organic cane sugar. I let this simmer till the juices were released and the apples started breaking down. Then I added a sprinkle of cinnamon, grating of nutmeg, few pinches of rosemary, dash of salt and a splash of vanilla.

When the apples are soft and broken down. I put the mixture into the blender and gave it a whirl.. instant apple compote! Perfect on some medallions of pork tenderloin, in a turkey sandwich, spread on a thick slice of pound cake..

My kitchen smelled absolutely divine. All my favourite scents of fall..

I had a taste spread on a cinnamon biscuit.. Dee-lish..

Today I got in an awesome cardio workout (nixed the long training run cause it’s 7 celsius and RAINING right now.. boo). So what better way to spend a gloomy day than inside in huge mall, West Edmonton mall to be exact. So we’re heading up there to visit some friends tonight and perhaps a visit to this store.. oh yea..

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