{Food + Design = Love}

Eat your dress, wear your cake. By Lukka Sigurdardottir.

A gallery for desserts – La Pâtisserie des Rêves in Paris. Each dome works on a pulley system that raises each bell jar up for customers. They also each have their own temperature control based on the sweet inside..

Le mille-feuille du dimanche and Le Paris-brest: a choux pastry filled with prailine cream..

Le tarte au citron au saison..

Typography love – helvetica cookie cutters by Beverly Hsu

Designer Moe Furuya from Mitsubai made this hand fork and spoon..

Bonbons maquillage from Sadaharu Aoki’s Paris Patisserie that come in elegant parfums such as bamboo, cassisyuzu and framboise.

Multi-layered mousse domes, opera cakes, green tea macarons..I will to be standing in this very spot in less than a month and a half…(The countdown to Paris begins..)

A book by Italian born photographer Massimo Gammacurta called Lolli-pop..

Ah.. if only life was this easy…

3 Responses to “{Food + Design = Love}”
  1. foodtable says:

    I love gorgeous food and beautiful designs! Amazing—

  2. Wendy says:

    Well now I know where to go if I ever get out to Paris! Fantastique!

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