{Dining in: Summery zucchini “fettucine” and fun with pickling..}

A dinner made with veggies from my organic harvest box from SPUD. Pale green ribbons of zucchini

Minced garlic

…with some chopped leek, into a pan with some olive oil

..corn cut off the cob

…juicy yellow ochre and crimson cherry tomatoes

…cooked briefly and seasoned with salt and pepper, drizzled with a bit more fruity olive oil

…together with leftover potato risotto and toasted spinich naan bread with a sweet chili jam and crumbled feta

…then I pulled these beauties out of a paper bag, watermelon radishes. Just look at that hot pink centre!

…when they’re sliced they look like little watermelon candies I used to eat when I was a kid…

…into a jar they go with 2 parts water, to one part vinegar, 2 tbsp of sugar, 1 tbsp of salt, sprigs of lemon thyme, dill, whole peppercorns and 2 slivered garlic cloves…

…I was on such a roll, I looked into my veggie drawer and noticed a mound of carrots building up…solution: pickled carrots with coriander seed and whole peppercorns

…I couldn’t believe how easy and quick these were to make. They were ready to eat the next day! I imagine these would taste lovely in a homemade vietnamese steak sandwich

For a more detailed recipe for “quickles”, check out Pierre’s post here.

6 Responses to “{Dining in: Summery zucchini “fettucine” and fun with pickling..}”
  1. Tatiana says:

    I grew those radishes last year – they were great. Unlike my tomatoes and cukes, radishes grow just fine in this climate.

  2. foodtable says:

    Oh, those watermelon radishes look so yummy! I have to get some to try…

  3. I cant wait to read more from you.

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