{Dining in x 2: Spicy fire roasted tomatoe clam linguine and Asian beef broccoli stirfry on quinoa}

I’ve got lots of design work to do tonight so I’ll leave you with what we had for dinner the past two nights…

Last night was a lovely spicy fire roasted tomatoe baby clam linguine…with minced garlic and one large shallot..

..into a pan with olive oil, then I added a can of fire roasted tomatoes, some italian herbs, red pepper flakes, splash of white wine, fresh lemon thyme and s&p.. I then added a can of drained baby clams and let the sauce simmer..

Meanwhile I spread some Sunterra herbed foccacia with a garlic chive butter and crumbled some old white cheddar crumbles.. broiled on high until the cheese bubbles and the edges browned…

I served the sauce on some linguine cooked al dente.. bon appetit!

Tonight was an asian inspired beef and broccoli stirfry with button mushroom atop a mound of protein packed quinoa… I based my recipe loosely on this one here. It started with some thinly sliced beef cut into strips..

Marinated in soy, rice vinegar, hoisin, pepper and some toasted sesame oil and a tablespoon of cornstarch..set aside..

Into a wok goes some garlic and shallot, then add your blanched broccoli, cook till they are a vibrant green. Set aside. Cook your beef in some hot oil till the pink disappears and add your broccoli and sliced mushrooms..

Serve atop a mound of quinoa and sprinkle with black sesame seeds.. Dee-lish..

To satisfy my sweet tooth, a sliver of my Nectar triple chocolate malt cake with a hot cup of tea.. back to work I go..

2 Responses to “{Dining in x 2: Spicy fire roasted tomatoe clam linguine and Asian beef broccoli stirfry on quinoa}”
  1. foodtable says:

    You make good meals. 🙂 By the way, I like the quinoa alternative to rice. Much healthier and satisfying too. Great idea.

    • eatrundesign says:

      Yes I find when I eat quinoa as an alternative to rice. After reading about its amazing nutrition profile I always keep a container of quinoa in my pantry 🙂 Quicker to cook than rice too 🙂

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