{Friday date night: A disappointing dinner at Boxwood..and pizza + tiramisu at Giuseppes}

I really wanted to like this place, I REALLY did…I came here for lunch earlier this week on opening day, it was pleasant enough that I wanted to come here with the boy for our Friday date night dinner. After my yoga class I met up with the boy at the restaurant. It was fairly packed, but we got ourselves a couple of seats by the window (same place I sat for lunch).

All the wines on the menu are the same price. 250ml = $15, 500ml = $28 and 1L = $40. We shared a 250ml of the Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon which was served in regular ol’ water glasses. Full-bodied and lovely, for about $7.50/person I would have liked to enjoy it in a nice wine glass, but I know they were going for the “rustic” casual theme, so we went with it…what we didn’t know was this would be the only good part of our dining experience..

We scanned the menu and the boy settled on the PV Farm Heritage roasted chicken w/ tarragon and chipotle vinaigrette ($15)..btw the picture makes the portion look a lot bigger than it actually was.

with a side of their Poplar Bluff farm roasted potatoes ($4) – the same potatoes we get in organic SPUD box 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for smaller portions if the quality and flavours of the food are really good. Unfortunately this was not the case. The boy said his chicken drumstick was cold and the chicken was nothing special, mediocre even. On top of that, it was a very small portion served with NO sides for $15…no coleslaw, nothing! He was quite disappointed. The potatoes fared no better.. they were piping hot out of the fryer but they were overcooked and very greasy.. there were probably about 10 small wedges in here for $4? We get a whole pound bag of these same potatoes in our SPUD box for the same price.. not to mention the way these were way overcooked does nothing for the quality of these potatoes.

The waitress brought me out a miso salmon broth with the boy’s dishes.. which was not what I had ordered.. not sure how “Joy’s spicy asian noodles” gets mistaken with that, but whatever. I thought it was a good thing because the bowl of soup was super small, I would have been starving after. For $8, there was probably about 1 cup of broth in there with a few chunks of salmon in there.

When my dish finally arrived (the boy was all done), it was totally not what I was expecting..

Does this not look like asian street food you can get for like $2 in Chinatown? I’m sorry, but I grew up with asian food and this dish is NOT worth $12!! Especially since you can get GIANT delicious noodle bowls at many asian restaurants for around $6 – $7.

The noodles were cold and the sauce was too salty. When I read “with Winters Farm turkey” I did not expect these tiny granules of meat with sad wilted greens. The noodles weren’t even coated in sauce and the bottom was mostly greasy chili oil.. GAHHHHH… I was telling the boy this is probably the worst asian noodle dish I’ve EVER had. Kind of a random dish for the cafe menu too. I was thinking in my head, “how did this dish pass the tasting session?“. I can see they were trying to go for an asian comfort food dish, but don’t charge $12 for it!

We were so disappointed with our meal, we skipped dessert because we felt the $50 bill was already way too pricey for what we got. I looked at the women next to me who ordered the porchetta as her entree and about 1/3 of her plate was pure fat leftover.. ick..perhaps all those reviews are right, although it is supposed to be fatty, the ratio of meat to fat needs to be higher to get your money’s worth.

The service and staff were great here but the food just didn’t cut it. I don’t think I’ll be headed back here for anything more than some baked goods. Gah.. it’s too bad, I had high hopes for this place because we LOVE River Cafe.

Boxwood – 340 13 Ave. SW  |  P: (403) 261-7670

Boxwood on Urbanspoon

The boy was still hungry so we  headed over to Giuseppes on 1st to satisfy his hunger (and my sweet tooth). The boy ordered the Sicilian ($10.99) A fresh made to order thin crust pizza with olives, artichokes and mozzarella cheese. I forgot how delicious this pizza was..

Mmm..I stole one slice 🙂

I had a square of the tiramisu ($5.25) it doesn’t look like anything special, but it surprisingly good. Creamy and light and perfectly coffee soaked cake in the middle, the texture was almost like a white chocolate mousse. Had they listed the price, I probably wouldn’t have gotten it, quite a small portion for that price. But I still gobbled it up with a cup of tea..

While we were waiting for the pizza to bake, the boy bought a hunk of the BLUEST cheese in the deli.. this Rosenborg..

Blech.. enjoyed on his own.. I HATE blue cheese…the boy was in heaven though haha

4 Responses to “{Friday date night: A disappointing dinner at Boxwood..and pizza + tiramisu at Giuseppes}”
  1. Merry120 says:

    That sucks that Boxwood is not sounding like the great restaurant we had all hoped for. Like you, I’m fine with smaller excellent portions of food for higher prices but I am NOT okay small subpar food for higher prices.

    I really wanted to try this place but I’ve read quite a few bad reviews so I think I’ll wait a bit.

  2. Tatiana says:

    I had a similar sense of disappointment with portion size to price ratio when I went to Petite. I was in the mood for a light lunch and got the crabcakes on salad with coffee. I got two well made, buy tiny two inch crab cakes on a handful of greens for $15. With coffee and tip my bill was well over $20.00 and I was still hungry. If I’d gotten the burger I’d probably think higher of it, but for that price point there was the expectation of at least being a bit full and I wasn’t even close.

    Hopefully Boxwood irons out their kinks though, like you said they’re very new and the location is great.

    • eatrundesign says:

      yea, its never a good thing when you leave a restaurant still hungry after you’ve paid more than enough to have a nice satisfying meal.

      Its a shame because i love the restaurants concept and i’ve only had good experiences at their sister restaurant, River Cafe. Hopefully its just “opening pains”.

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