{Dining out for mom’s bday at Redwater Grille on Macleod}

Hello everyone, I’ve been super busy the past few days with work and freelance design work. I’ve also been lacking in the sleep department so I’ll leave you with some highlights from dinner on Sunday night..

Dinner at Redwater Grille for mom’s surprise bday.. the chef surprised us with this amuse bouche to start. A creamy duck risotto.. tender chunks of meat and creamy grains of rice. Earthy and delicious..

Next we shared a forno baked brie with fresh berries – a lightly smoked brie with a berry shallot glaze and crostinis.

Brie is one of my weaknesses.. can’t resist that melty creamy goodness..

For my entree I had the Diver scallops served with a beurre blanc sauce and a side of pork belly..

…followed by more pork belly to share…

and an unpictured pecan crusted ahi tuna salad – served rare, arugula greens, fresh orange, red pepper, red onions, beet and carrot curls, maple basil dressing.

Finally we sang our happy birthdays to this amazing chocolate dessert platter (left to right): chocolate shortbread with mango compote, chocolate mint creme brulee, thick and creamy milk chocolate mousse, a flourless dark chocolate cake and a milk chocolate gelato at the end..oh my…

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