{Race day: Two top ten finishes in two weeks and refueling at Evelyn’s Coffee Bar}

The last race of the year! The Melissa’s 22km Road Race. Done.

I was up at 7:15am and had my usual toast and almond butter with a drizzle of raw honey. I checked through my list to make sure I had everything and we were off!

We left Calgary at about 8:45am for my race, I love the drive up to Banff..so scenic..and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Felt like summer again..gotta enjoy it while we can.

The gun went off at 10:40am and we were off. It was really crowded in the beginnning because the road was super narrow, but I weaved around and eventually found some open space at about the 2km mark.

This race was not as hilly as the Canmore half marathon 2 weeks ago, but when we looped the turnaround at  the Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course (about the 11km mark), the wind was INSANE! It got so strong, it was actually pushing me sideways off the road with each gust. It would have been nice if the wind was going against our backs, but of course it wasn’t. I felt at times my legs were moving but I wasn’t actually moving anywhere.

The 2nd of half of the race was really tough on me mentally, at about 12km, my quads were already getting tired and I was starting to question if I was even going to finish. Physically I knew I was capable of it, but mentally I felt an overwhelming urge to give up. I felt so drained but I looked ahead and saw all the people ahead of me giving it their all so I used them as motivation to keep going.

The best part was the last 1km where we run on a trail through the forest back to the start line. I was picking up speed and quite frankly I just wanted to be DONE.

The boy tried his best to get a shot of me, as you can see he got a great shot of this man.. with me in the background crossing the finish line, haha hilarious..

I did the race in 1 hour and 51 minutes at an average pace of 5:04min/km. I finished in 7th place out of 119 women age 20-29 YEA! Two top ten finishes in two weeks 🙂 I was running around mostly men, and I only saw one women pass me the entire race.

I was most excited about the finishers shirt. They feature a new illustration on the front every year.

To fuel, they had a huge food table. It’s very important to eat right after you’re done (I learned my lesson from my first half marathon when I felt like I was going to pass out). Here’s what I had:

  • high fibre chocolate peanut butter granola bar
  • a old fashioned unglazed donut (I know, probably not the best choice, but they were offering them and I had just burned 1400cal according to my watch, I earned this!)
  • glass of Jugo Juice orange juice
  • bottle of water

I gave the boy my two free beer tickets which he gladly redeemed for himself 😀 His reward for driving us up and cheering me on.

Next we went to the main strip of Banff to get me some real food..I was craving a sandwich so we headed over to Evelyn’s Coffee Bar..

Their glass case featured some GIANT cookies that looked like the size of a huge scone, in height and diameter. There was a yogurt chocolate chip..

..and a ginger crinkle cookie, I had tried this one at the food blogger BBQ when Pierre had brought them for all of us to try.

I bypassed the cookies for a lovely GIANT sandwich. A health sandwich as they call it. Filled with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, avocado and hummus in between to thick slices of fresh grainy bread. The bread was SOO good, incredibly fresh and the seeds really added lots of flavour. Enjoyed on a bench outside the cafe basking in the sun..

My sweet tooth beckoned (as it usually does)..and no stop to Banff is complete without getting one of my favourite chocolate treats at The Fudgery..

Rows of chocolate…

as far as the eye can see..

I went with my “usual” Ice Field“- milk chocolate studded with whole toasted pecans, topped with a thick layer of gooey caramel which is then enrobed in a generous layer of white chocolate. I ate about half of this on the car ride home and saved the other half.

I had a couple of these chocolate covered pretzels too that the boy had picked up for me earlier (he knows me so well)..salty, crunchy and creamy milk chocolate, the perfect combo.

I’m off to take much needed nap…
3 Responses to “{Race day: Two top ten finishes in two weeks and refueling at Evelyn’s Coffee Bar}”
  1. Lele says:

    Ohhhh my Godddddddd I need to go to Canada just to go to that coffee bar!

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