{Weekend Eats: Boxwood bread, Spoon Me fro-yo, Croissant aux amandes and Green juice}

We have been spoiled lately with the higher than seasonal temperatures in Calgary. Yesterday it was about 24!! Where am I living?! It felt like summer all over again…love it.

Here are some eats I’m enjoying right now…Boxwood’s house-made multigrain bread ($5).. I picked this up on one of my lunch breaks last week and I have to say it’s one of the best loaves I have ever tasted! It’s a small rustic dense loaf (about half the size of a regular loaf), but VERY hearty and full of flavour. Lots of whole grains, seeds and a malty flavour. I’ve been enjoying a couple of slices everyday since…

…with thinly sliced medium rare rib eye steak and a smear of herbed goat cheese and a drizzle of truffled balsamic

…or goat cheese and thick sweet peach chutney

Cooled off with some Spoon Me fro-yo (at only 80cal/serving). I got the milk chocolate and vanilla swirl with blackberries, strawberries and pineapple.. Tangy and sweet and oh so refreshing on the sweltering hot Saturday…

Got a treat at Yann Patisserie in the Mission area..

Not for macarons though…

But for one of my favourite pastries.. croissant aux amandes..a decadant and nutty almond cream sandwiched between infinite layers of crispy flaky layers of buttery pastrya teaser for my palette in preparation for my Paris trip in 11 days!!

Enjoyed with a homemade ginger iced tea while reading this book on my front porch…

Saturday dinner was solo, so I made one of my “veggie stirfries for one“… tonight’s mix had green onions..

sliced button mushrooms

…a jalapeno with seeds and veins removed…

a couple cups of chopped broccoli

I also added in a chopped zucchini, kernels off one ear of sweet corn and cooked it all together with some olive oil, splash of balsamic, s & p. Served with dabs of goat cheese which slowly melted in the broccoli florets..and a drizzle of balsamic reduction (yea.. I’m obsessed with this stuff.. I put it on EVERYTHING).

I’ve had some post-workout soreness the past couple days that hasn’t gone away as quickly as I’m used to. So to help with the healing process, I made a couple bottles of Lifeforce power-ade aka green juice from a recipe in my raw cookbook…all these from my organic SPUD order.. a bunch of kale, 2 fuji apples, cucumber, a golden beet , small lemon and a knob of fresh ginger..

What do I do with all the pulp from my juicer? I sprinkle it into the soil in our front garden and mix it in to decompose..nothing wasted 🙂

This made about one and a half milk bottles full…

I had about half a bottle mixed with water (50/50) ratio – I find green juice at full concentration is way too strong for me to drink. Fresh juices are best enjoyed on an empty stomach to enjoy the maximum nutrient absorption, so try to have it first thing in the morning. I won’t lie, this kinda smelled like freshly cut grass, but the health benefits far outweigh the not so enjoyable taste.


Helps get your body back to a healthy alkalinity: many foods in our regular diets and even exercise are acid-forming, so this helps the body neutralize their effects

Gives your digestive tract some rest: an easy way to get 3lbs of greens in one sitting, plus the body absorbs the nutrients much more readily

Helps detox, rejuvenate and heal the body: fills your body with live enzymes, vitamins and phyto nutrients. Chlorophyll helps detoxify the body and enhances oxygen transport in your body. Filled with antioxidants.

In preparation for the upcoming cooler months, tune in tomorrow for my fitness post on  “Tips for running in the winter” as per a reader’s request 🙂 I started my marathon training this past January, running in temperatures around -20C (yes, you can run when it’s that cold).

* If you guys have any subjects you’d like me to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

5 Responses to “{Weekend Eats: Boxwood bread, Spoon Me fro-yo, Croissant aux amandes and Green juice}”
  1. Lindsay says:

    So I took your advice and got the Breville ikon multi-speed juice fountain. First night the boyfriend was throwing everything but the kitchen sink into the machine! ha. My fave juice is carrot with a tiny bit of peach. Mmm. I used my carrot/peach pulp to make muffins this morning. Delish.
    Thanks for the advice and I’m looking forward to more juice and running posts!
    p.s. balsamic reduction is my new fave addiction as well. apparently you can put it on fro-yo? haven’t ventured there yet…

    • eatrundesign says:

      Oh, thats so great to hear you got a juicer!! Carrot and peach sounds like a DELICIOUS COMBO! I will have to try that one for sure. Good call on using the pulp for muffins, definately need the right combo. I don’t think my kale mixture would have faired well for muffins (blech)..

      I’ve heard of people making dried crackers out of them too 🙂

      Ooh balsamic on fro-yo does sound quite adventurous. I’ve heard of it on a parmesan ice cream before with fresh rosemary! Mmm…

  2. Heather says:

    Have you tried the white balsamic crema? I am in love with that!

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