{In Paris without my laptop..}

Hello bloggies,

Sorry for my absense, I did not end up bringing my computer with me since it would put me over the carry-on weight limit, hence the lack of posts since I arrived here in the lovely Paris. I will try to post something soon on this hotel computer. Please bear with me as the computer is slow and the keyboards here are the french version, meaning all the letters are mixed up = slooow typing.

I have now been here for 5 days and I can honestly say I have fallen madly in love with the city and feel like I belong here. The food has been fabulous, the sites are unbelievable and walking along the Seine River with the  gorgeous autumn colours is just breathtaking.

I have taken photos of all the things I have eaten so prepare for a big Paris post when I get back (which is undetermined as Paris is suffering a massive fuel shortage and over a million Parisans are on strike, only 1/3 of international flights leaving Paris as of now and predicted to get worse).. being stuck in Paris is not so bad 🙂

A bien tot!

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