{Highlight of our trip: Bike tour of Paris}

Started off the day with my new-found favourite viennoiserie, the chausson aux pommes..this one was GIANT! Almost double the size of the one from yesterday.. but like a champ I ate it all 🙂 So flaky and I just love the tender spiced apples and apple sauce inside.. something about baked apples that is so comforting and satisfying. A great match for this autumn weather..and to fuel ourselves for our 4 hour bike tour of Paris..

Instead of the bus tour, I thought it would be fun if we explored the city by bike. This tour takes us to places where locals love and tourists are not aware of, our hostess Pamela (a student from Chile who has lived in Paris for the past year) was an excellent guide..

We met up at the famous Notre Dame..

This is how homes in Paris used to look like… no bathrooms in here…yikes..

See that dot in the wall, thats a cannonball that is embedded in this building! The intent was to wreck this building during the times of revolution but instead it just got stuck.

This is in the area of Marais, This building is where Coco Chanel used to live!

This is the building where Jim Morrison lived and eventually saw his demise..

Ah.. the Seine River..

Looping around buildings in the Latin Quarter, love the apartments here…

Here is the oldest cafe in Paris, a meeting place for intellectuals back in the day including Napoleon Bonaparte and Benjamin Franklin..

We stopped at one of Pamela’s favourite bakeries.. it also happened to be the place I had my first pastry when we arrived in Paris. I ordered this lovely Quiche Lorraine – a custard of eggs and milk with melted gruyere cheese and slices of salted ham in a crispy flaky pastry shell..divine..

The boy had a fresh sandwich with slices of juicy ripe tomatoe, rounds of fresh mozzarella, fresh lettuce, pesto in a black olive baguette..

…as well as this wedge of woodfired pizza – sundried tomatoes, black olives, lots of melty cheese atop a tangy tomatoe sauce..loved those caramelized edges..

For dessert, we headed over to Maison Berthillon, specializing in specialty luxury ice cream and sorbets and the most famous glacier in Paris. Berthillon’s fame derives in part from its use of natural ingredients, with no preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Its ice creams are made from only milk, sugar, cream and eggs. Flavourings derive from natural sources. It was easy to find since we just looked down the street for a lineup of people. The boy had the chocolate – rich, creamy, decadent melt in your mouth ganache like thickness. I had the pistachio..BEST..ICE CREAM…EVER. The texture is really thick and smooth, unlike any ice cream or gelato I’ve had before..It was so good I had to sit down..

The boy scarfed his down and headed back for an unpictured framboise cone (just like biting into a freshly ripe berry) Oh how I wish I could bring back pints of these home!!

Onto something not so appetizing, our tour ended here.. anyone watch Ratatouille. This place was featured in the movie. The rats in the window were caught in the Les Halles area, some of which were caught in 1925!!

After our tour, we explored the Les Halles area on our own and had an early dinner at Cafe Beaubourg where we had overheard they have the best Croque Monsieurs (a french sandwich consiting of ham and melty gruyere cheese, sometimes even a creamy bechamel sauce)

I have to say I was kind of disappointed. It was good, but it’s got nothing on the one you can get at Calgary’s own L’Epicurie. That sandwich is life changing..Do not get this if you are at all worried about calories or fat, because it has plenty of both.

The lightly dressed greens were a nice fresh contrast to the rich cheesy sandwich..

We had a little guest join us midway..

For a treat to enjoy back at the hotel, I headed over to Pain De Sucre…(forgot to take pics, these are from here) A site that I used as a resource to find the best of the best pastries in Paris. VERY droolworthy photos..

I went with the simple but amazingly refreshing tarte citron. Tart and creamy citrus in perfect balance with sweetness topped with fragrant lime zest in a beautiful sweet pate brisee pastry shell…Best lemon tart to date..I have a feeling I’ll be eating a lot of “best ever” items here…

3 Responses to “{Highlight of our trip: Bike tour of Paris}”
  1. foodtable says:

    LOVE the pictures. I want to try the ice cream there. Oh, looks so yummy!

  2. rsmacaalay says:

    I think the highlight was that pistachio ice cream! Lovely pictures


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