{Paris Part 4: Catacombs, best view in Paris and good ol’ French Onion Soup}

Hello everyone, sorry for being MIA the past couple days, I’ve been busy prepping and cleaning the aftermath of our annual halloween bash, more on that later..

Back to Paris..there’s nothing like starting the day with a flaky buttery croissant? It just makes it so much easier to get up in the morning when you have this to look forward to.. Why didn’t I think of this earlier…

Served with a cafe creme (aka my new favourite beverage here)

On the spoon was a little green tea financier.. how adorable (and delicious – not too sweet, almond flavour and a hint of matcha flavour)

The boy went with their simple fromage jambon (ham and cheese) baguette. Doesn’t look like much, but the bread here at Eric Kayers’ is amazing! Nice and crusty crunch on the outside and fluffy and soft on the inside..

After our breakie we headed to go see the famous Catacombes de Paris – a huge underground cemetary filled with lots of winding tunnels. The line was enormous even though we got there about 10ish in the morning..here’s a pic of a guy putting up posters in support of the strike that was happening the whole time we were there in Paris. The government decided to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62.. and needless to say, it was not well received…

As we moved up the line.. we saw this “crazy bird lady” we will call her, who kept yelling at random children for trying to feed or get near her beloved pigeons in the park..she was not a nice lady…happy birds though, she fed them PLENTY of baguette..

After about a 45 min wait, we finally set foot inside..here is a carving done by one the miners stuck down here, he carved this all out by memory..

All the bones are laid out in a decorative pattern..

Check out this keg shaped bone structure..

After our little underground tour we sat down at an italian inspired cafe to eat.. they started us off with a small appetizer of olives to munch on..

and crossed off another item on my to-eat list..french onion soup…a crispy blanket of baguette on top with melty broiled mozzarella cheese floating on a pool of rich beefy broth with paper thin slices of onion..delightful.

The boy had their thin crust pizza with salty slices of proscuitto, black olives, cheese and tomatoe sauce…

No meal is complete here without dessert..so I had a simple crepe sucre (freshly made crepe with a sprinkling of sugar and some butter). I have to say this super simple crepe is my favourite, especially when the crepe batter is really good.

After we filled our bellies, we headed over to the tallest skyscraper in Paris (and all of France), the Tour Montparnasse . It’s a 689ft tall with 59 floors built in the early 70’s, mostly offices. We were told by our tour guide it’s the best view in the city..the reason being lots of the Parisian despise the look of this building, saying it looks monolithic and out of place in the scenery. So the only place you cannot see this skyscraper is being inside and looking out from the top of the skyscraper.. so off we went.

There was no line to wait to go up, it’s free (as long as you order something in the bar at the top) and it only takes 38 seconds to get up there – the fastest elevator in Europe. The view was stunning..enjoyed with a glass of white wine and some complimentary almond florentines.. the perfect view of the lovely Eiffel tower too 🙂

Afterwards, we headed back to our hotel and had a nap. A couple hours later we headed out for a late dinner..(Parisians typically eat around 9-10pm). I was craving some greens, so I had this giant saladgreen beans, hearts of palm, corn, tomatoes, hardboiled eggs, julienned carrots all lightly dressed.

The boy had french onion soup on the mind from my lunch, so he had to have one of his own..I liked this one better..

For dessert, I ordered the cafe gourmand – an espresso with a dash of milk and petit desserts..

A shot glass of rich velvety chocolate mousse, a mini ramekin of vanilla creme brulee with a crusty sugar top, miniature fragrant and melt-in-your-mouth lemon curd tartlet and a decadant dark chocolate macaron..the perfect end to a long day..


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