{Quick Post: A food diary of our annual Halloween party}

I haven’t even covered half of my Paris trip yet so please stay tuned and be patient with me (sooo many pics to sort through), but to break it up, here are some pics from our 3rd annual halloween house party and the decorations and goodies I made (I regret to say I didn’t show everything I made since I did it all myself and was in a mad rush the whole time:

Pressed italian sandwich in a tuscan round loaf – layer of hickory mustard, shredded roasted chicken, cherry tomatoes on one half..

Other half covered in a parmesan artichoke spread..

Layers of calabrese salami, fresh basil, boccocini, and sundried tomatoe pesto..

Wrapped up and left to sit in the fridge overnight under a heavy cast iron skillet…


It looked like a giant burger in the end, I put in 8 skewers and cut the round into wedges..

Some double cream brie and raspberry jam..

..on puff pastry…brushed with egg and baked at 400 till golden brown..

Crispy, flaky and gooey and sweet on the inside..

I baked a few puff pastry tarts in my new french rectangular tart pan..this one was layered with a goat cheese sour cream mixture with fresh dill, s&p, lemon zest and capers, under a bed of petals of herb crusted gravlax salmon (oops.. forgot the final pic of this one), so rushed!!

As well as a wild mushroom tart with truffle oilbalsamic, herbs de provence from Paris on a bed of crumbled peppered goat cheese with lemon thyme..

I baked little rounds with leftover dough for decoration..

Some lavender honey roasted rosemary almonds

Fluffy and springy Dark cocoa marshmallows and passionfruit marshmallows in halloween-ish colours…

These I put in a rush order, since I was not capable of making them myself, I headed over to Bliss & Co for 2 dozen of these assorted mini cupcakes..I added the skull icing decorations 🙂

On my 3 tier pedestal from the Nectar Desserts closing out sale..

Here are some blurry badly lit pics of the initial setup…

..and after…other items included: chocolate prailine covered cream puffs, dips and salsa, sausage and spicy mustard from Paris, caprese skewers with cucumber, boccocini, strips of basil and grape tomatoes, gruyere cheese straws, LOTS of colorful candies in martini glasses AND one biggest hit, which I forgot a pic of, mini turkey burger sliders with peach chutney, brie, spicy mustard and arugula. I made about 50 of them and there were ALL gone.

Me in front of my hard work.. dressed as the Mad Hatter..

I woke up in the morning to nothing but crumbs, another successful party 🙂 MANY thanks to Leah for her decoration talents with her cute little banners sprinkled about the house 🙂

2 Responses to “{Quick Post: A food diary of our annual Halloween party}”
  1. Vincci says:

    Very nice! You’ve totally outdone yourself!

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